Animal Amigurumi Adventures Vol.2 : 15 (More!) Crochet Patterns To Create Adorable Amigurumi Critters by Lauren Espy

Animal Amigurumi Adventures Vol.2 : 15 (More!) Crochet Patterns To Create Adorable Amigurumi Critters by Lauren Espy

Author: Lauren Espy
View book: Animal Amigurumi Adventures Vol.2 : 15 (More!) Crochet Patterns To Create Adorable Amigurumi Critters

Animal Amigurumi Adventures Vol. 2: 15 (More!) Crochet Patterns to Create Adorable Amigurumi Critters is a must-have book for crochet enthusiasts. With this second installment in Lauren Espy’s Animal Amigurumi Adventures series, you can craft 15 delightful amigurumi animals. Detailed, step-by-step photos, along with pictures of the completed animals, will guide you in creating equally charming creations.

This book offers a variety of animals, ranging from Safari Animals such as a giraffe, hippo, elephant, lion, and zebra, to Arctic Animals including a penguin, polar bear, walrus, beluga whale, and seal pup. You’ll also find adorable Pets like a dog, cat, chameleon, cockatiel, and guinea pig.

Thanks to the easy-to-follow patterns and user-friendly instructions, you’ll have no trouble bringing these amigurumi critters to life. Additionally, with an ideal size of 7-10 inches for each animal, you can create these charming creatures in no time.

Don’t miss out on the chance to explore a new hobby and create something truly special. Get your hands on Animal Amigurumi Adventures Vol. 2 and let your crochet skills shine!

Crochet Animal Amigurumi: Tips, Tricks, and Patterns

Are you a fan of crochet and adorable amigurumi animals? If so, then you’ll love the works of Lauren Espy, the owner and designer behind A Menagerie of Stitches. With a passion for amigurumi and yarn, Lauren has created her own unique style of crocheted stuffed toys.

In celebration of her new book, Animal Amigurumi Volume 2, Lauren joined Schuler Books for a virtual event to share her love for crochet and her journey as a designer. With 15 crochet patterns included in the book, it’s a must-have for any crochet enthusiast.

Lauren’s love for amigurumi began when her grandma gifted her a set of crochet hooks and a book about amigurumi back in 2008. She quickly taught herself how to crochet and started designing her own patterns. In 2015, she opened her Etsy shop, which has grown into a successful business. Now, she sells finished items as well as crochet patterns on her own website.

Animal Amigurumi Volume 2 features a variety of adorable animals organized into different categories such as Safari, Arctic, and Pet Shop. Each pattern is accompanied by step-by-step photos, making it easy for both beginners and experienced crocheters to follow along.

If you’re new to crochet, Lauren encourages you to go for it and not be afraid. The patterns in her books are designed for all skill levels, and she even has tutorial videos on YouTube to help you learn different stitches.

One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity to chat with Lauren and ask her questions. Participants learned about her design process, how she selects the animals for her books, and even got a sneak peek into future projects and ideas.

For those interested in getting a copy of Animal Amigurumi Volume 2, Schuler Books offers the book for purchase on their website. By supporting independent bookstores like Schuler Books, you’re not only getting a great book, but you’re also supporting the hard work and creativity of talented authors like Lauren.

Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or just starting out, Animal Amigurumi Volume 2 is a delightful addition to any crochet enthusiast’s collection. With adorable animals just waiting to be created, it’s time to grab your crochet hooks and embark on a new amigurumi adventure.

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