Animal Wise : The Thoughts And Emotions Of Our Fellow Creatures by Virginia Morell

Animal Wise : The Thoughts And Emotions Of Our Fellow Creatures by Virginia Morell

Author: Virginia Morell
View book: Animal Wise : The Thoughts And Emotions Of Our Fellow Creatures

Renowned science writer Virginia Morell delves into the cutting-edge research on animal cognition and emotion in her book, “Animal Wise.” Through captivating storytelling, Morell takes readers on a fascinating journey into the minds and hearts of both wild and domesticated animals, revealing surprising aspects of their thoughts and feelings.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a fish, parrot, dolphin, or elephant? Do animals experience thoughts and emotions similar to ours? These intriguing queries are being addressed by scientists who have made remarkable discoveries. It turns out that ants are capable of teaching, earthworms can make decisions, and rats enjoy being tickled. Moreover, dogs possess extensive vocabularies, parrots and dolphins have names, and birds refine their songs even while asleep. But how do scientists gain this knowledge?

In “Animal Wise,” Morell takes us on an enthralling voyage through the inner world of animals, ranging from ants to wolves. She introduces us to the pioneering researchers working in this once-forbidden territory: the study of animal cognition. With her three decades of experience as a science journalist, Morell vividly transports us to research sites and laboratories across the globe, where she acquaints us with the intelligent and perceptive subjects studied by animal-cognition scientists.

This rapidly evolving field has revolutionized our understanding of animal behavior, debunking long-held beliefs and highlighting the cognitive abilities shared by animals and humans. Morell delves into the moral and ethical dilemmas that arise from acknowledging that even so-called “lesser” animals possess memory, feelings, personality, and self-awareness traits once deemed exclusive to humans.

By challenging behaviorism and presenting compelling evidence, Morell brings the natural world to life while exploring the deep connections between humans and animals. She lauds the men and women who have upended traditional notions of human uniqueness, shedding light on the roots of our own abilities.

Animal Minds: Expanding our Understanding of our Fellow Creatures

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