Animals Of The Bible For Young Children by Marie-Helene Delval

Animals Of The Bible For Young Children by Marie-Helene Delval

Author: Marie-Helene Delval
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The Bible is full of fascinating stories featuring a wide array of animals. From Jonah’s encounter with a whale, to the ram that took Isaac’s place, to the serpent that tempted Eve, animals play both minor and major roles in these narratives. God carefully watches over these creatures, finding joy in their creation and utilizing them for significant purposes and valuable lessons. Each animal serves as a testament to God’s wisdom and love.

This vibrant book provides a captivating glimpse into the diverse menagerie that inhabits the pages of the Bible. With concise and accessible text, it is suitable for young readers who can uncover the wonders of God’s world through its pages. Exploring these creatures not only introduces children to the marvels of creation, but also reveals the profound messages hidden within.

Discovering God: Images for Young Children in a World Full of Wonder

When it comes to young children, images of God have a special way of resonating with them. These images allow children to form a connection with God, even though they may not be able to physically see or touch Him. The Bible provides numerous descriptions of God that can help children discover His presence in our world.

God is Breath

One way the Bible describes God is as breath. Just as we need air to live, God sustains us and gives us life. Every breath we take is a reminder of His presence and His role in our lives.

God is the Word

God is also described in the Bible as the Word. Through the Scriptures, we can learn about God’s character, His promises, and His teachings. Reading and studying the Word is a way for us to connect with God and understand His will.

God is Science

God’s creations are all around us, and science can help us discover more about Him. The intricate designs of nature, the laws of physics, and the order in the universe all point to a Creator. Exploring the wonders of the natural world can lead us to a deeper understanding of God.

God is Our Tears

In times of sorrow or pain, God is there to comfort us. He collects our tears and offers us solace. Even in our most difficult moments, we can find God’s love and compassion.

God is Your Wine

In the Bible, God is often compared to wine. Just as wine brings joy and celebration, God’s presence in our lives can bring us true happiness and fulfillment. He satisfies our deepest desires and brings us abundant joy.

God is a Spring

God is described as a spring of living water, a source of life and renewal. When we feel spiritually dry or thirsty, He offers us His refreshing and life-giving presence. We can drink from His well and be rejuvenated.

God is a Rock

In times of uncertainty and instability, God is our rock. He provides a firm foundation and a steady support. We can rely on Him and find security and strength in His presence.

God is Our Root

Just as a tree gets its nourishment from its roots, we draw our strength from God. He is our source of life, supplying us with the sustenance and guidance we need to thrive and grow.

God is Where We Discover

As we journey through life, God reveals Himself to us in various ways. He can be found in the beauty of nature, in meaningful relationships, and in moments of inspiration. Wherever we look, we have the opportunity to discover God’s presence.

God is Fire

In the Bible, God is often associated with fire. Fire symbolizes His holiness, His refining work in our lives, and His consuming passion for us. Just as fire purifies, God purifies our hearts and refines our character.

God is a Fortress

When we feel threatened or vulnerable, God is our fortress. He offers us protection and security. He is our shield in times of danger and our refuge from the storms of life.

God is Great

God’s greatness is beyond measure. He is mighty, powerful, and worthy of all praise. Recognizing His greatness helps us develop a sense of awe and reverence for Him.

God is Wisdom

God is the ultimate source of wisdom. When we seek His guidance and understanding, He provides us with the knowledge and insight we need to make wise decisions and navigate through life.

God is Tender

Despite His greatness, God is also tender and compassionate. He cares for us deeply and understands our emotions. We can find solace in His gentle and loving presence.

God is a Covenant

Throughout the Bible, God makes covenants with His people, promising His faithfulness and love. These covenants demonstrate His commitment to His creation and His desire for a relationship with us.

God is Beauty

The beauty we see in the world is a reflection of God’s own beauty. From vibrant sunsets to delicate flowers, every aspect of creation displays His artistic handiwork. Appreciating and enjoying beauty can connect us with the Creator Himself.

God is Justice and Tolerance

God embodies justice and tolerance. He cares for the marginalized, defends the oppressed, and calls us to love mercy and seek justice. Reflecting these values in our own lives is an expression of our connection with God.

God is She

In addition to traditionally being referred to as He, God can also be understood as She. This inclusive understanding allows for diverse perspectives and affirms the presence of the divine in all gender identities.

God is Mercy

God’s mercy is boundless. He forgives our mistakes and extends grace and compassion to us. His mercy gives us hope for transformation and redemption.

God is Love

Love is at the core of God’s nature. He loves unconditionally and sacrificially, showing us the true meaning of love. Experiencing and sharing love is a powerful way to connect with God.

God is a King

God is the ruler of all creation. He reigns with authority and sovereignty. Recognizing His kingship helps us surrender to His will and trust in His plan.

God is a Healer

In times of physical or emotional pain, God is our healer. He restores our brokenness, brings comfort to our wounds, and offers us hope for healing. Trusting in His healing power can bring us peace and wholeness.

God is a Savior

God is our ultimate Savior. He offers us salvation and eternal life through His son, Jesus Christ. Accepting His gift of salvation allows us to experience a deep and transformative relationship with Him.

God is Majesty

God’s majesty is awe-inspiring. His glory and splendor surpass our understanding. Recognizing His majesty helps us approach Him with reverence and worship.

God is a Parent

Like a loving parent, God cares for us, guides us, and provides for our needs. He tenderly watches over us and desires a relationship of love and trust with His children.

God is Red

In the Bible, red is often associated with God’s power and presence. The color symbolizes His sacrifice, His victory, and His divine love. Seeing the color red can serve as a reminder of His presence in our lives.

God is with Us

God is always with us, ready to walk alongside us in every season of life. His constant presence brings us comfort, assurance, and peace. Acknowledging His presence allows us to experience His guidance and love.

Where Have You Discovered God Today?

As we go about our day, let us be open to discovering God in the simple and profound moments of life. Whether it’s in the beauty of nature, the kindness of others, or the depths of our souls, may we be attuned to His presence and seek to deepen our connection with Him. Take a moment to reflect: Where have you discovered God today?

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