Applause Of Heaven by Max Lucado and Charles Martin

Applause Of Heaven by Max Lucado and Charles Martin

Author: Max Lucado and Charles Martin
View book: Applause Of Heaven

Discover a joy that originates from a divine source and is well within your reach. It is a joy that receives the applause of heaven, a delight that cannot be extinguished, a peace that cannot be shattered, and a happiness that cannot be threatened. This sacred delight, this holy gladness, is woven throughout the pages of your Bible and indispensable for a truly fulfilling life.

In his groundbreaking book, Max Lucado delves into the profound message of the Beatitudes, a mountain sermon delivered by Jesus Christ. Lucado takes us on a journey to explore this familiar yet revolutionary prescription for living, and reveals how embracing it can bring unimaginable blessings into our lives.

Imagine a God who defies expectation by humbling Himself, wearing diapers, riding donkeys, washing feet, and even nodding off during storms. Imagine a God who willingly gives His life for our mistakes. Envision God as your pinch-hitter, your lawyer, your father, your biggest fan, and your best friend. Picture the King of kings standing in your cheering section, while the applause of heaven echoes loudly in your ears – just for you.

But this is not a mere flight of fancy. It is an invitation to open your heart to the heavenly joy of knowing a God who delights in you.

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