Apron Anxiety : My Messy Affairs In And Out Of The Kitchen by Alyssa Shelasky

Apron Anxiety : My Messy Affairs In And Out Of The Kitchen by Alyssa Shelasky

Author: Alyssa Shelasky
View book: Apron Anxiety : My Messy Affairs In And Out Of The Kitchen

Hot sex, looking good, scoring journalistic triumphs… nothing made Alyssa love herself enough until she discovered the wonders of the culinary arts. In this intimate and delicious book, author Alyssa Shelasky takes us on a journey filled with laughter and heartfelt moments as she navigates her crazy love affair with the kitchen.

After three months of dating her celebrity TV-chef crush, Alyssa Shelasky left behind her bustling life in New York City to be with him in Washington D.C. However, the reality was far from a fairytale. The demanding hours of a chef put a strain on their relationship, leaving Alyssa feeling lonely and out of place. Despite being surrounded by foodies, she couldn’t even make a simple cup of tea.

Driven by a desire for self-preservation rather than a passion for cooking, Alyssa embarked on a culinary journey, determined to master the kitchen. Along the way, she created the blog Apron Anxiety (ApronAnxiety.com) to share her experiences with others. The memoir, Apron Anxiety, filled with recipes, chronicles her quest to learn to cook while navigating the ups and downs of love.

In this captivating memoir, readers will be captivated by Alyssa’s infectious voice as she dishes out juicy stories about the glamorous chef scene and the unexpected sense of serenity that comes from tying on an apron. It’s a tale that proves sometimes finding oneself means embracing the joy of cooking.

Apron Anxiety: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Finding Happiness

Welcome, Alyssa! Thank you for joining me on Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books. I have so much to talk to you about and don’t even know where to start. First and foremost, your book “Apron Anxiety: My Messy Affairs in and out of the Kitchen” was incredible. I absolutely loved it. It had such a profound impact on me and many others who read it. The emotional reactions and connections people made to the stories within the book were extraordinary. It’s amazing that even in the articles I write for New York Magazine or The New York Times, people often say that they relate to me and feel understood, even if they are completely different from me. This speaks to the universal truths we all experience in life, especially during these challenging times when everyone is struggling.

Regarding the success of your book, I must say that while it may not have received a lot of attention or readership initially, it brought you closer to those who did read it and know your secrets. The book has a timeless quality that remains relatable regardless of when it was published. The universal themes within its pages ensure its relevance throughout the years.

Now, let’s discuss how your blog, Apron Anxiety, evolved into a book. It feels like a lifetime ago that I was engaged to a famous chef, who at the time was considered an “it” chef due to his appearances on Top Chef. Initially, the book was intended to be a food memoir with recipes and a happy ending, given our engagement. However, things didn’t go as planned, and we broke up shortly after I secured the book deal. At that point, I believed I had lost everything, including my book deal, which I cherished. But my editor at Clarkson Potter encouraged me to write through the pain and turn my experiences into a story worth telling. This shifted the focus of the book, transforming it into a memoir rather than a cookbook. It became a deeply personal and intimate tale that was hard to retell repeatedly. Eventually, I moved to Italy, craving a fresh start after the emotional journey the book encompassed. This marked the beginning of a new adventure filled with its own challenges and romantic disasters.

During your podcast, we discussed your journey in Italy, becoming a single mom, and finding love again. After your heartbreak and self-reflection, you embraced motherhood as your ultimate desire at that time. You decided to become a mom on your own, and that decision felt right and natural to you. With the support of a friend who had embarked on a similar path, you navigated the process of finding the right doctor and sperm donor. The joy of having your daughter, Hazel, and the subsequent romances and relationships during your pregnancy and afterward added depth to your story. Finally, you found love with Sam, becoming a family and welcoming another child together.

Throughout your journey, you faced heartbreak, struggle, and difficult choices. Hearing your experiences gives hope to others and highlights the resilience of the human spirit. Now, you are embarking on another exciting chapter with your new book. It will be a series of essays delving into your personal stories of love, pain, and how they intertwine with your career as a love, sex, and celebrity writer. The essays will explore the connections between your relationships, hardships, and professional endeavors. As a writer, you have a unique perspective on the link between personal and professional life, and readers can expect an honest and unfiltered account of your experiences.

It’s incredible to hear how you’ve grown and flourished as a writer. Your recent articles in The New York Times, such as the one where you relieved married couples from feeling pressured to have sex during the pandemic, have resonated with many readers. You have a distinct voice, and your willingness to share openly and authentically is refreshing and inspiring to others. The journey you’ve taken within your personal life and career has shaped you into the extraordinary writer you are today.

I feel a profound sense of pride and connection after reading your memoir and hearing about your future endeavors. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish with your new book and follow your journey. Thank you for sharing your stories, your successes, and your vulnerabilities. You are a remarkable writer and a powerful force for women and fellow writers. I am grateful to have connected with you and consider you a part of my tribe.

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