Are You My Mother ?/¿ Eres Tú Mi Mamá ? (Bilingual Edition) by P D Eastman

Are You My Mother ?/¿ Eres Tú Mi Mamá ? (Bilingual Edition) by P D Eastman

Author: P D Eastman
View book: Are You My Mother ?/¿ Eres Tú Mi Mamá ? (Bilingual Edition)

This oversized bilingual edition of the classic Are You My Mother? is an ideal choice to share with young readers at any time of the year! Now available in a larger size trim that accommodates both English and Spanish text, this bilingual edition of P. D. Eastman’s beloved Beginner Book Are You My Mother? is perfect for both Spanish and English speakers to enjoy in two languages!

This newly translated edition by Teresa Mlawer, a highly respected figure in Hispanic publishing, beautifully captures the heartwarming story of a baby bird in search of his mother. It makes a wonderful gift for baby showers, Mother’s Day, and any other joyful occasions!

¡Una nueva edición bilingüe, en un formato mayor, de Are You My Mother?! Ahora disponible en un formato más grande, para poder acomodar el texto en inglés y en español, esta edición bilingüe de la entrañable historia de P.D. Eastman, Are You My Mother?/¿Eres tú mi mamá?, es perfecta para que los niños que hablan español e inglés la puedan disfrutar en ambos idiomas.

Esta nueva traducción, realizada por Teresa Mlawer, una de las figuras más respetadas en el mundo editorial en español, captura maravillosamente las peripecias de un pajarito en busca de su mamá. Es un regalo ideal para futuras mamás, el Día de la Madre o cualquier otra ocasión especial.

Are You My Mother? | ¿Eres Tú Mi Mamá? | Bilingual Children’s Read Aloud

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The Story

Once upon a time, a mother bird sat on her egg. She waited patiently for her baby bird to hatch. One day, the baby bird hatched while his mother was away. When she returned, the baby bird was all alone. Confused, he started searching for his mother.

The baby bird looked up and down, but his mother was nowhere to be found. Determined to find her, he set off on a journey to locate her. Along the way, he encountered various animals and objects, asking them if they were his mother.

First, he asked a kitten if it was his mother, but it didn’t respond. Then, he asked a hen, a dog, and a cow, but none of them was his mother. The baby bird continued his search, feeling sad and lost.

Finally, he spotted a big thing and thought it might be his mother. Excitedly, he called out to it, but it turned out to be a big machine that couldn’t be his mother. The machine took the baby bird up into the air, making him even more anxious.

Eventually, the machine brought him back to his nest in the tree. At that moment, his real mother returned, and he recognized her immediately. They were happily reunited, and the baby bird understood that his mother was always there for him.

“Are You My Mother?” is a heartwarming tale of a baby bird’s search for his mother. It teaches us the importance of family and the unbreakable bond between parent and child. The story reminds us that no matter where we go or what challenges we face, our loved ones will always be there for us.

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