Arfy And The Stinky Smell by Troy Cummings

Arfy And The Stinky Smell by Troy Cummings

Author: Troy Cummings
View book: Arfy And The Stinky Smell

Arfy the rescue dog is back and this time he’s on a mission to uncover the source of a mysterious, unpleasant odor. Join Arfy as he embarks on an exciting journey to sniff out the stench that has engulfed the neighborhood. This delightful comic book tale is primarily conveyed through dialogue, making it an excellent entry point to the world of comics for young readers. Featuring large text, simple words, visual cues, and rhymes, the story is easily deciphered, allowing readers to relish the adventure with Arfy.

Get ready to immerse yourself in this action-packed escapade with Arfy and his brand-new comic reader, Arfy and the Stinky Smell! This captivating book serves as an ideal way to introduce children to the joys of reading and is certain to be a favorite among young audiences.

Arfy’s Journey: Finding a Home

Can I be your dog? by Troy Cummings

A Heartwarming Tale of a Lonely Dog’s Quest for a Home

Dear people at Yellow House,

Woof! Can I be your dog? I am potty trained, have my own squeaky bone, and love to play. I noticed you have a cat, but I’m willing to work with you. Who’s a good dog? I am!



Yes, I know every house on Butternut Street, but I asked you first.

Dear Arfy,

We’re so sorry, but you cannot be our dog. Our cat is allergic to dogs. Good luck in your search.


The Honeywells

Dear Butcher Lady,

Can I be your dog? I think your butcher shop would be a great place for a puppy like me. I could keep the floor nice and clean.


Look, pal, I’ve got a bone to pick with you. Last time I let a dog into my shop, a dozen meatballs went missing. Sorry, but there’s no way I’m taking in a pooch.

Veronica Shank, Butcher

P.S. No hard feelings. Enjoy these dried giblets and good luck finding a home.

Dear Fire Station Number Five,

Can I be your dog? I can fetch your boots, plus let’s just say I know my way around a fire hydrant. I’ve sniffed out every single one on Butternut Street, and yours is the shiniest.


Dear applicant,

Thank you for your interest in working with the Butternut Street Fire Station. Unfortunately, the position of fire dog has already been filled. We will keep your letter on file. Best wishes in your search.

Station Number Five

Dear Junkyard Guy,

I’m not gonna lie, you’re my next-to-last choice. But these past few days have been rough, rough, rough. So please, can I be your dog? I don’t eat much, and I can bark if people try to steal your junk and stuff.

Hopefully yours,


DM Mutt – Get lost

Dear Last House on Butternut Street,

Can I be your dog? I see that your yard is full of weeds, your windows are broken, and there’s a funny smell. But I’m not picky, just lonely.


To Last House on Butternut Street,

From Arfy – Soggy box in the alley

Return to sender: Nobody at this address.

Oh, it’s raining, and Arfy’s back in his box. Oh, look, a letter to Arfy.

Dear Arfy,

Can I be your person? I need a friend who will be with me no matter what – snow, rain, heat, or the gloom of night. And I see that you already know everyone on Butternut Street. I know you’ll make a first-class partner with hugs and head scratches.

Mitzi Whipple, Letter Carrier

If you agree, meet me at the big blue mailbox.

There she is! Oh, he’s so excited. Ah, he finally has a friend.

Dear Mitzi,

You know what? My tail has been wagging ever since I got your note. My answer is yes.

Truly yours,


P.S. Screech, scratch – Way to go, Arfy!

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