Arlen Roth – The Art Of Soloing : Instructional Book With Online Video Lessons From The Classic Hot Licks Video Series by Unknown author

Arlen Roth - The Art Of Soloing : Instructional Book With Online Video Lessons From The Classic Hot Licks Video Series by Unknown author

Author: Unknown author
View book: Arlen Roth – The Art Of Soloing : Instructional Book With Online Video Lessons From The Classic Hot Licks Video Series

Arlen Roth’s The Art of Soloing: Instructional Book with Online Video Lessons is a game-changer for guitar players looking to take their skills to the next level. This comprehensive guide is packed with valuable content that will help you develop captivating and melodious guitar solos.

What sets this book apart is its inclusion of a unique code that grants you access to a cloud-based video library. This means that you can watch instructional videos on any device, wherever you are. This innovative feature allows you to fully immerse yourself in the learning process and visually grasp the techniques being taught.

Another standout aspect of The Art of Soloing is the use of cutting-edge technology to provide the most precise transcriptions available. This includes previously untranscribed examples, ensuring that you have access to a vast repertoire of musical ideas and inspiration.

Under Arlen Roth’s expert guidance, you’ll gain valuable insights into the art of choosing notes wisely and incorporating them into your guitar playing. The book equips you with a solid foundation in soloing techniques, empowering you to express yourself freely and creatively.

Don’t let boredom hinder your passion for music. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your skills with The Art of Soloing from the classic Hot Licks series. This timeless resource invites you on a journey of musical discovery. So why wait? It’s time to embark on your soloing adventure and unlock the full potential of your guitar playing.

The Sideman Panel: Thriving in the Music Industry

Not everyone can be superstar musicians, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have successful careers in music. In this panel discussion, we explore the world of side musicians, who play and tour with major artists. Being a great player is just the start – we discuss what it takes to land these cool gigs and how to maintain them. Our panel includes Thad Beatty, guitarist for Sugarland and a session guitarist and producer, Annie Clements, bassist for Maren Morris and Sugarland, Rhonda Smith, bassist for Prince and Jeff Beck, and Kent Slucher, drummer for Luke Bryan. Each musician shares their journey to where they are today, highlighting the importance of connections and opportunities in the industry.

One of the key themes that emerges from the discussion is the significance of building relationships and making connections. Several panelists emphasize the importance of meeting people, making genuine friendships, and having others vouch for you. These personal connections often lead to opportunities and auditions, ultimately shaping one’s career as a side musician.

The panelists also stress the importance of being professional and reliable. Being on time for gigs and rehearsals, learning the music properly, and demonstrating a good attitude are all crucial for maintaining gigs. Showing respect for the music and being a team player can set you apart and make you valuable to artists and bands.

When it comes to staying healthy on the road, the panelists offer several tips. They emphasize the importance of eating well, choosing healthy options, and avoiding excessive drinking or drug use. They also stress the value of sleep and finding time for self-care, such as massages or exercise. Each panelist shares their own strategies for staying healthy and feeling their best while on tour.

In terms of the freedom to choose gear and instruments, the panelists note that it varies depending on the artist. Some artists have specific preferences and control over their musicians’ gear choices, while others allow more freedom and creativity. It ultimately depends on the dynamic between the artist and the side musicians, as well as the expectations set by the artist.

Finally, the panelists reflect on what makes great artists. They highlight traits such as authenticity, command of their craft, and a strong stage presence. Great artists are often recognizable and have a unique voice or style that sets them apart. They also exhibit qualities like loyalty, integrity, and leadership.

This panel discussion provides valuable insights into the world of side musicians and sheds light on the factors that contribute to success in the music industry. Their experiences and advice offer aspiring musicians a glimpse into the challenges and rewards of working as a side musician.

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