Armored Cav : A Guided Tour Of An Armored Cavalry Regiment by Tom Clancy

Armored Cav : A Guided Tour Of An Armored Cavalry Regiment by Tom Clancy

Author: Tom Clancy
View book: Armored Cav : A Guided Tour Of An Armored Cavalry Regiment

A penetrating glimpse into the ins and outs of an armored cavalry regiment, encompassing the cutting-edge technology, tactical approaches, and the individuals involved. Tom Clancy, renowned for his gripping fictional tales, delves into the real-world military dynamics in his first non-fiction work, Submarine, where he vividly portrayed the challenges of life on a nuclear warship. Now, the esteemed author of bestsellers like Clear and Present Danger and Without Remorse takes readers deep into the military realm like only those who serve in the army can truly understand.

Tom Clancy’s narrative effortlessly immerses readers into the midst of the action, offering meticulous accounts of tanks, helicopters, artillery, and other remarkable military technologies employed by the U.S. Army. The author’s commitment to accuracy ensures that military life – from the intense drama of combat to the mundane routines – is depicted with precision. Furthermore, Clancy explores the pivotal roles and missions that have set our fighting forces apart in recent times.

Armored Cav presents an array of captivating features, including in-depth explanations of the formidable M1A2 Main Battle Tank, the highly capable AH-64A Apache Attack Helicopter, and various other noteworthy military assets. Additionally, the book showcases an exclusive interview with General Frederick Franks and unveils the strategic insights behind the Desert Storm campaign. Moreover, readers will find a visually stunning collection of photographs, illustrations, and diagrams, further enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the subject matter.

In a gripping finale to this enlightening journey through military life, readers are treated to an interview with a combat cavalry officer who rose through the ranks, from their time as a West Point cadet to becoming a commander during Desert Storm.

Enhancing Armored Cavalry: Updates to U.S. Army Recon Capability

This article is sponsored by World of Warships. Since the Cold War ended, the US Army’s ground reconnaissance capabilities have significantly declined. However, recent improvements in the Army’s recon have been made to prepare for future conflicts. One area of focus has been the Armored Brigade Combat Teams’ (ABCT) Cavalry Squadrons. In this article, we will explore the mission, recent changes in organization and equipment, and the reasons behind these changes.

Introduction to ABCT Cavalry Squadrons

The ABCT is the US Army’s heaviest combat unit, providing full spectrum combined arms support. Each ABCT has a specially trained and equipped Cavalry Squadron that offers reconnaissance and security capabilities to the brigade commander. The cavalry squadrons are capable of both stealthy and non-stealthy reconnaissance, helping to deny the enemy the ability to observe or attack the main force. However, it is important to note that different squadrons within the ABCTs have varying strengths and limitations.

Mission of Armored Cavalry

The primary mission of armored cavalry is to fight for information. Many people mistakenly believe that reconnaissance can only be conducted stealthily, but a stealthy approach is not always the most effective way to observe the enemy. Fighting for information involves making contact with the enemy to gather intelligence that would otherwise be unobservable. The ultimate goal is to provoke a reaction from the enemy or penetrate their screen to gain valuable information about their strength, capabilities, location, and intent. Additionally, armored cavalry also screens the brigade, aiming to defeat or delay the enemy’s forward elements. By doing so, they provide the brigade commander with time and space before a confrontation, preventing premature deployment of maneuver forces and allowing for engagement on the commander’s terms.

Capabilities of Armored Cavalry

The ABCT’s armored cavalry squadrons possess the most resilient cavalry capability in the US Army. They are highly lethal, well-protected, and tactically mobile on the battlefield. Their mobility allows them to move freely and observe a larger area of the enemy force. However, they are less capable in operations within complex terrain or situations that require stealth. These functions heavily rely on dismounted scout capacity, which the armored brigade combat teams have in the least amount.

Recent Changes to Armored Cav Squadrons

In 2016, significant changes were made to the structure of the armored cavalry squadrons. Prior to the reforms, each squadron consisted of an HQ and HQ troop, three cav troops, and a support company attached from the brigade support battalion. While the HQ troop underwent few changes, significant updates were made to the cavalry troops and scalp platoons.

The cavalry troops now have a more standardized structure, including an M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV) for the troop commander, an M113 A3 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), an armored command post, and a cargo truck. These changes enhanced their capabilities and improved their ability to gather and interpret data for the squadron headquarters.

Additionally, the scalp platoons saw drastic updates. The organization changed to a three-section layout, replacing Humvees with more Bradleys, increasing dismount capacity by 50 percent. The increase in dismount capacity allows each section to independently man observation posts or conduct dismounted patrols. These changes addressed previous issues of unequal armament, protection, and tactical mobility between the Humvees and Bradleys. The adjustments made the scalp platoons more capable in fighting for information and surviving contact with enemy mechanized forces.

Armor Company in Cavalry Squadrons

In addition to the changes in the cavalry squadrons, an armor company was added to each squadron. The armor company consists of a company headquarters and three tank platoons. The presence of tanks significantly increased the squadron’s lethality and resilience. The tanks are employed in various ways, including forming hunter-killer teams with the Bradleys and serving as a reserve force in the defense. These additions further enhance the cavalry squadron’s ability to accomplish its mission.


The recent improvements in the US Army’s armored cavalry squadrons have significantly enhanced their capabilities in reconnaissance and security. The changes in organization and equipment have addressed previous limitations and allowed for better adaptation to future conflicts. The ABCT’s cavalry squadrons now possess more resilient and tactically mobile cavalry capabilities, making them a crucial asset in the battlefield.

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