Art From Above : Vermont by Caleb Kenna

Art From Above : Vermont by Caleb Kenna

Author: Caleb Kenna
View book: Art From Above : Vermont

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Caleb Kenna: Capturing Vermont’s Landscapes from Above

It is a pleasure to see so many people here. Thank you all for attending. My name is Becky Dayton, the owner of the Vermont Bookshop. We are co-hosting this event with the Town Hall Theater. I would like to acknowledge Lisa Mitchell and Aaron Jones for their help in organizing this event, as well as the volunteers at Town Hall Theater. Special thanks to my husband Chris, who is assisting me in selling books tonight. Our featured author and photographer Caleb Kenna grew up in Brandon and Middlebury. He began his career in journalism at the age of 12 with a paper route. His love for books eventually led him to the Vermont Bookshop, where he would make repeat visits. Caleb discovered his passion for photography in high school and went on to study it in college. He later worked for various newspapers before becoming a freelance photographer. Caleb’s work has been featured in publications such as the Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, and National Geographic. He has also exhibited his multimedia project, “The Golden Cage,” which focuses on Mexican migrant workers and Vermont Dairy Farmers. Reverend Andy Naj Benson, a friend of Caleb’s, also spoke highly of his work. Caleb’s photos on Instagram have gained him a large following, with people expressing their admiration and appreciation through comments.

Exploring Vermont from Above

Caleb’s passion for photography led him to explore different perspectives and angles. He found a new way to capture the beauty of Vermont by using drones. These unmanned aerial vehicles allowed him to photograph landscapes from above, revealing unique patterns, shadows, and colors. The drone’s versatility and maneuverability provided Caleb with the ability to capture breathtaking images that were not possible with traditional photography.

Caleb’s journey as a drone photographer involved a combination of planning and exploration. He would often drive around Vermont, observing the landscapes and noting potential locations for aerial photography. Sometimes, he would stumble upon interesting subjects while already in the air, prompting him to move the drone and capture those moments.

The drone’s bird’s-eye view offered a fresh perspective on familiar places and objects. Caleb was able to capture the intricate patterns created by Vermont farmers in their fields, the unique shapes of buildings and landmarks, and the play of light and shadow across different landscapes. His photographs showcased the beauty of Vermont in all seasons and highlighted the hard work and dedication of its residents.

Caleb’s ability to capture the essence of a place was not limited to still images. Occasionally, he would shoot video clips with the drone. These clips would later be used for slideshows or to create a dynamic atmosphere in his work.

One of the challenges Caleb faced when using drones was maintaining line of sight with the device. He had to ensure that he was in control at all times and avoid flying directly over people or endangering anyone’s safety. However, this limitation did not hinder his creativity. Caleb’s drone photography continued to captivate viewers, providing them with a fresh perspective on Vermont’s landscapes and reminding them of the beauty that surrounds them.

Through his drone photography, Caleb turned Vermont into his own visual journal. Each image captured a specific moment in time, a unique combination of light, color, and shape. His photographs served as a testament to his love for Vermont and his dedication to his craft. Caleb’s work continues to inspire others to appreciate the world around them and see it from a different perspective.

Caleb Kenna’s drone photography has allowed him to showcase the beauty of Vermont in a unique and captivating way. With his keen eye for composition and his ability to capture the essence of a place, Caleb has created a visual record of Vermont’s landscapes and seasons. His photographs serve as a reminder to appreciate the world around us and view it from different angles. Caleb’s work is a testament to the power of photography and its ability to convey emotion and capture fleeting moments in time.

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