Art Of Home : A Designer Guide To Creating An Elevated Yet Approachable Home by Shea McGee

Art Of Home : A Designer Guide To Creating An Elevated Yet Approachable Home by Shea McGee

Author: Shea McGee
View book: Art Of Home : A Designer Guide To Creating An Elevated Yet Approachable Home

The eagerly awaited design book by Shea McGee is finally here, showcasing the endless possibilities for every room in your home. Through her successful design business, Studio McGee, her popular Netflix series, Dream Home Makeover, and her online community of over five million followers, Shea McGee has demonstrated how the principles of high-end design can be applied to any home. In her new book, titled “The Art of Home,” Shea explores the art of creating rooms that have a powerful impact while remaining accessible to all.

In “The Art of Home,” Shea takes readers on a journey through each room of the house, guiding us from the entrance to the living room, kitchen, office, kids’ rooms, and even utility rooms. Through step-by-step guides, accompanied by her own design projects and personal stories, Shea empowers readers to transform the most significant parts of their lives and how they live.

What makes design truly enchanting is the ability to imagine and then bring that vision to life. In “The Art of Home,” Shea not only inspires us to dream but also provides practical guidance on making those dreams a reality. The book is not just visually stunning but also highly functional, making it a valuable addition to any home for years to come.

The Art of Home: Countdown to the Ultimate Experience!

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