Art Of Horizon Forbidden West by Guerrilla Games

Art Of Horizon Forbidden West by Guerrilla Games

Author: Guerrilla Games
View book: Art Of Horizon Forbidden West

A visually stunning hardcover book featuring stunning artwork and insightful commentary, delving into the creation of the highly anticipated next chapter in the epic Horizon series. In a world threatened by a mysterious and deadly red blight, the courageous protagonist, Aloy, embarks on a perilous journey into the enigmatic Forbidden West to rescue her world. Horizon Zero Dawn’s long-awaited sequel has finally arrived, introducing breathtaking landscapes, awe-inspiring machines, and captivating secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Embark on Aloy’s thrilling new adventure by immersing yourself in this exquisite chronicle brought to you by Dark Horse Books and Guerrilla Games. The Art of Horizon Forbidden West unveils the wonders of a lost world through exclusive behind-the-scenes artwork and illuminating insights from the developers themselves. Let the unforgettable tale come alive once again.

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