Art Of Overwatch Volume 2 Limited Edition by Blizzard

Art Of Overwatch Volume 2 Limited Edition by Blizzard

Author: Blizzard
View book: Art Of Overwatch Volume 2 Limited Edition

A limited-edition compendium has been released, featuring never-before-seen concept art of new characters in the popular game Overwatch. This volume not only showcases new content from summer 2017 onwards but also delves into the development process behind beloved heroes, stunning environments, and captivating cinematics.

However, this extraordinary guide doesn’t stop at presenting new content. It goes beyond, exploring the intricate construction of unique game modes driven by exciting events and the creation of non-playable characters. In addition, it provides an enticing sneak peek into Overwatch 2, giving fans a glimpse of what’s to come.

Every detail of this remarkable collection has been meticulously crafted in collaboration with the Overwatch game team and Blizzard Entertainment. The standard hardcover edition is being offered by Blizzard Entertainment themselves.

For those who desire something truly special, the set includes a hardcover art book with a striking wraparound cover featuring unique metallic-ink printing. As an added bonus, two portfolios are included, which hold three exclusive prints. All of these treasures are safeguarded in a custom clamshell case.

The three Overwatch prints are created by a talented trio of artists. Overwatch’s Art Director, Arnold Tsang, contributes one of the prints. Will Murai, the artist behind the standard color cover, provides another breathtaking piece. Finally, Blizzard artist Nesskain completes the trio with their own magnificent artwork.

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