Art Of The Addams Family by Ramin Zahed

Art Of The Addams Family by Ramin Zahed

The official art book for the animated film, The Addams Family, showcases the creative brilliance behind this captivating motion picture. Inspired by the iconic characters created by Charles Addams and published in The New Yorker, this animated action-comedy delves into the lives of the Addams family. The eccentric clan includes parents Gomez and Morticia, their children Wednesday and Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Grandma, Cousin It, faithful butler Lurch, and the mysterious helping hand, Thing.

Their tranquil existence takes a twist when they find themselves entangled in a battle with a cunning reality-TV host. Meanwhile, they have to prepare for the arrival of their extended family who will partake in an extravagant celebration, Addams-style.

This remarkable companion book offers a treasure trove of concept designs, storyboards, and production art that provide a glimpse into the creative process behind the film. Furthermore, readers gain insightful commentary from the talented artists, filmmakers, and directors involved in bringing The Addams Family to life.

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