Art Of The Zombie Movie by Lisa Morton

Art Of The Zombie Movie by Lisa Morton

Whether you enjoy the relentless, slow-moving creatures from George Romero’s films or the fast-paced horrors of 28 Days Later, there’s no denying that zombies have risen to the same level of fame as vampires, werewolves, and Frankenstein’s monster in the realm of movie monsters. In her book, The Art of the Zombie Movie, renowned author Lisa Morton takes readers on a captivating journey through the history of zombie films, featuring an astonishing collection of over 500 posters, lobby cards, pressbooks, stills, and props from zombie movies spanning all of cinema history.

This visually stunning book delves into the origins and global impact of zombie films, providing readers with a wealth of special features, insightful quotes, and interviews with key creators. It also explores various subgenres within the zombie genre, including Blaxploitation, sci-fi, cowboy, and comic zombie films. Additionally, the book showcases a selection of foreign zombie movies from countries such as Mexico, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Japan, and more.

With its incredible breadth and attention to detail, The Art of the Zombie Movie offers a comprehensive exploration of zombie movie art. Starting from the release of the first true zombie film, The White Zombie, in 1932, the book delves into the influential impact of George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead and continues to trace the endless variations, innovations, and reinventions that have kept the zombie genre alive and kicking.

Virtual Memories #559 – Lisa Morton: The Art of the Zombie Movie

Welcome to the Virtual Memories Show! I’m your host, Gil Roth, and we’re here to preserve and promote culture one weekly conversation at a time. You can find more information about the show, subscribe to it, and follow us on social media at our websites Chimera Obscura, SLVM, or VMSP Pod. I recently attended ReaderCon and had a conversation with Lisa Morton, who has a new book out called The Art of the Zombie Movie. We talk about her research, the process of putting together the book, and her love of zombie movies. We also discuss the changing landscape of horror writing, the literary community in Los Angeles, and her involvement in StokerCon. Click here to listen to the full conversation with Lisa Morton.

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