Artfolds : Heart, Volume 1 : Random Acts Of Caring by Unknown author

Artfolds : Heart, Volume 1 : Random Acts Of Caring by Unknown author

This ArtFolds book is more than just a book! Inside, you will find easy-to-follow instructions that will guide you in folding the pages to transform this book into a stunning, personalized, and enduring masterpiece. Witness as the pages gradually morph into a vibrant, heart-shaped sculpture.

The ArtFolds book is a hardcover masterpiece that undergoes a remarkable metamorphosis with the simple act of folding its pages, using our ingenious patent-pending instructions. Engaging in this process is not only enjoyable but also requires surprisingly little time, rendering it suitable for both children and adults.

The Color Editions feature a captivating array of shades, creating a visually striking work of art. In addition to the captivating visuals, each Color Edition also includes captivating reading material that complements its artistic theme.

In the ArtFolds: HEART edition, readers can discover over 60 clever and uncomplicated ways to express their love, appreciation, and gratitude towards their loved ones, friends, and anyone they encounter in their daily lives. The heart sculpture, crafted from 91 folded pages, gracefully transitions from a vibrant yellow to a delicate pink with a simple turn of the book.

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