Astronaut’s Guide To Leaving The Planet : Everything You Need To Know, From Training To Re- Entry by Terry Virts

Astronaut's Guide To Leaving The Planet : Everything You Need To Know, From Training To Re- Entry by Terry Virts

Embark on a cosmic voyage with Astronaut’s Guide to Leaving the Planet: Everything You Need to Know, from Training to Re-Entry. Authored by Terry Virts, a former astronaut from NASA, this book is the ultimate manual for those with dreams of traversing the vast expanse of space. Offering exclusive insights into astronaut training, spaceship navigation, and life aboard an interstellar outpost, this guide is an essential resource for aspiring spacefarers. Discover the secrets to becoming an astronaut and prepare for a celestial odyssey filled with wonder and discovery. This captivating read is a must-have for any young individual nurturing dreams of venturing beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. Set your sights on uncharted frontiers as you delve into the pages of Astronaut’s Guide to Leaving the Planet: Everything You Need to Know, from Training to Re-Entry.

With Terry Virts, a former NASA astronaut, as your guide, you’ll gain invaluable knowledge and perspective that will propel you towards fulfilling your passion for space travel. Whether you seek an enthralling literary escapade or a practical roadmap to commence your journey towards becoming an astronaut, this book serves both purposes seamlessly. Brace yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and secure your very own copy of Astronaut’s Guide to Leaving the Planet: Everything You Need to Know, from Training to Re-Entry today.

Exploring Space: An Astronaut’s Insider Perspective

Hello everyone, thank you for joining us today. We appreciate your attendance at this event and your support in purchasing our book. Tonight, we have the pleasure of hearing from Terry Birds, author of “How to Astronaut: An Insider’s Guide to Leaving Planet Earth”. Terry Birds, selected by NASA in 2000, became the pilot of sts-130 mission aboard Space Shuttle Endeavor in March 2015. He assumed command of the International Space Station and spent over 200 days on it. Terry Birds is also one of the stars and photographers of the IMAX film “A Beautiful Planet” released in April 2016. He has authored other books including “The Astronaut’s Guide to Leaving the Planet” and “A View from Above”. We hope you enjoy the event! Remember, you can grab a copy of “How to Astronaut” or Terry’s new kids book, “The Astronaut’s Guide to Leading the Planet: Everything You Need to Know from Training to Re-entry”.

Thank you everyone for coming out tonight. Normally, I would have a presentation with slides about my space mission, but tonight, I want to talk about something different: writing a book. Writing a book was something I never thought I would do when I was young. I was more interested in math and science and didn’t think English mattered. However, as I grew older, I realized the importance of communication and the need to share your experiences. So, when I left NASA, I knew I wanted to write a book.

I started with “View from Above”, a photography book with stories from space. I retired and wrote the entire book in just two weeks. It was an amazing experience and made me realize that I could write a book. I wrote it myself because I wanted the stories to be told in my voice.

After the success of my first book, I decided to write another one. This time, I wanted to write a book similar to the popular “100 Deadly Skills”, but for astronauts. I found inspiration in Stephen King’s book, “On Writing: A Memoir of The Craft”. It helped me become a better author.

I wrote my second book, “How to Astronaut”, in a different way. I wrote a chapter per airplane flight while traveling for speaking engagements. It took me 51 flights to complete all the chapters. This book is a mix of expected and unexpected topics about space flight, from how to put on a spacesuit to what to do with a dead body in space. It’s a fun and funny book that I hope anyone can enjoy.

After writing two books for adults, I decided it was time to write a book for kids. I was inspired by a board book about Apollo that I read as a child, so I wanted to create a book that could inspire other kids to be interested in space. I wrote “Ask an Astronaut: 100 Questions and Answers for Kids”. It’s a story that takes kids through a space mission, answering their questions along the way. The book is full of activities and illustrations to engage young readers.

As an author, I’ve had a fulfilling journey. Writing books has been a marathon for me, and it’s something I didn’t think I could do. It has changed my perspective and has allowed me to share my experiences with others. As for my space missions, they were life-changing experiences as well.

Being in space for over 200 days gave me a different perspective on life. It made me realize the importance of not taking things too seriously and appreciating the beauty of our planet. The experience also made me more aware of the challenges we face as a society and the need for critical thinking and discernment.

writing books and being an astronaut have been transformative experiences for me. They have allowed me to share my stories, inspire others, and gain a new perspective on life. I am grateful for the opportunity to write and share my journey with all of you.

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