Asylum by Umberto Nicola Nicoletti

Asylum by Umberto Nicola Nicoletti

The mesmerizing artistic work of Asylum delves into the experiences of LGBTIQ+ refugees, asylum seekers, and individuals who face discrimination in their home countries due to their gender or sexual identity. Through captivating visual imagery, this project aims to evoke compassion for these individuals and amplify their narratives, reinstating their dignity and revitalizing their sense of self. Collaboratively curated by photographer Umberto Nicola Nicoletti and five organizations, Asylum serves as an artistic endeavor that celebrates the often unseen inner beauty of its subjects.

Within the pages of Asylum, readers are invited into the worlds of those who have been compelled to escape their homes and strive for a new existence in unfamiliar territories—navigating the intersections of immigrant experiences and being part of the LGBTIQ+ community. Engaging with this book offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in stories of hope and extraordinary bravery in the face of adversity, while gaining a deeper appreciation for the profound beauty inherent within these remarkable individuals.

Embark on an enriching journey through the pages of Asylum and grant these remarkable storytellers the platform they deserve. Secure your copy today and witness the power of their narratives firsthand.

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