Attacking Anxiety : From Panicked And Depressed To Alive And Free by Shawn Johnson

Attacking Anxiety : From Panicked And Depressed To Alive And Free by Shawn Johnson

Are you feeling broken and overwhelmed by pain? Don’t worry, because God has a plan for you, even in the midst of your struggles. In his book “Attacking Anxiety,” Shawn Johnson, the lead pastor of Red Rocks Church, shares his own experience with anxiety and depression and offers guidance on how to find healing and freedom.

Despite being a successful pastor, Shawn Johnson battled with anxiety and depression in silence. He experienced debilitating panic attacks that made him believe he would never escape the pain. In “Attacking Anxiety,” Shawn opens up about this dark time and shares the lessons he learned in his own journey towards overcoming anxiety, depression, and hopelessness.

Throughout the book, Shawn helps readers:

Expose the lies: He unravels the falsehoods that isolate us and replaces them with the truths that are necessary for survival.

Identify triggers: He reveals the hidden sources of anxiety and depression in our lives and provides wisdom and support to achieve true freedom.

Handle panic attacks: He offers practical guidance on how to manage panic attacks when they occur, whether for yourself or for someone you love.

Take action: Shawn guides readers on how to proactively attack anxiety and depression by providing the necessary knowledge and tools.

Attacking Anxiety has received praise in the midst of our culture’s current struggles with depression and anxiety. The book’s timely release makes it the perfect resource for those battling with anxiousness, loss of control, or the inability to cope. Shawn emphasizes that anxiety does not define us and gives us the power to fight back using God’s Word, ultimately leading us to a life of freedom.

“In our current culture where depression and anxiety are at an all-time high, Attacking Anxiety comes at just the right time. This book is the perfect resource to read if you, like me, have battled anxiousness, loss of control, or even the inability to cope. Pastor Shawn dives into how we can live a life where anxiety isn’t our label or our future. He shows us that we don’t have to just sit back and let it attack us, we can choose to fight back–with the weapons of God’s Word–and overcome the anxiety monster once and for all and live the life God always intended for us to live: free.” – Madison Prewitt, bestselling author of Made for This Moment

Attacking Anxiety: Overcoming Panic Attacks and Depression in Sports and Faith

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On today’s show, we have Sean Johnson, the pastor of Red Rocks Church in Denver, Colorado. Sean struggled with anxiety and depression for many years, even keeping it a secret from his congregation. However, after going through a particularly bad panic attack and seeking treatment, Sean decided to share his story and wrote a book called Attacking Anxiety. In this vulnerable conversation, Sean talks about his battles with anxiety and depression, his experience in treatment, and how he found freedom and hope. He also shares how his faith in Jesus has played a central role in his journey towards healing. I hope you find this conversation as encouraging and inspiring as I did.

Before we dive in, I want to remind you to subscribe to this podcast so you never miss an episode. You can find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Now, without further ado, here’s my conversation with Sean Johnson.

> Jason: Hey guys, welcome to Sports Spectrum Today. I’m Jason Romano, and I’m joined by Sean Johnson, the pastor of Red Rocks Church in Denver, Colorado. Sean, welcome to the show!

> Sean: Hey Jason, thanks for having me. This is fun!

Jason: So, let’s start with the basics. How did you end up in ministry, and specifically, as the pastor of Red Rocks Church?

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