Autism Breakthrough : The Groundbreaking Method That Has Helped Families All Over The World by Raun K Kaufman

Autism Breakthrough : The Groundbreaking Method That Has Helped Families All Over The World by Raun K Kaufman

As a young boy, Raun Kaufman was diagnosed with severe autism and was believed to have a very low IQ. It was predicted that he would spend his life in an institution. However, through The Son-Rise Program, created by his parents, Raun experienced a remarkable recovery and is now an expert and educator in autism.

In his book, Autism Breakthrough, Raun shares the revolutionary principles behind The Son-Rise Program that helped him and thousands of other families with special children. He explains that autism is often misunderstood as a behavioral disorder when it is actually a social relational disorder. Raun provides insights into what it feels like to be autistic and reveals why The Son-Rise Program is effective.

Autism Breakthrough is a step-by-step guide that offers practical strategies for readers to apply immediately. Some parents have even seen changes in their children within a day of implementing these strategies. The book empowers parents and educators to help their children develop meaningful relationships, improve communication, and succeed in the world.

This book is a beacon of hope, showcasing the progress made in the field of autism. It presents powerful ideas and real-life success stories that have transformed the lives of families worldwide.

Prioritizing Social Goals: The Key to Helping Children with Autism

There is a widespread national fixation on educating children with any form of autism spectrum disorder, emphasizing academic skills. No matter how diligently one may work on these academic skills, they will never teach individuals with autism how to be social. These skills cannot teach them how to form friendships, laugh at jokes, express genuine love, say “I love you,” or sincerely care about others. Individuals with autism struggle with creating connections and forming relationships, as autism is primarily a social and relational disorder.

In our Sunrise Program, we address this issue by incorporating the Social Developmental Model during our introductory five-day training program called the Startup Program. By prioritizing social goals before academic goals, we aim to help our children become socially adept. As we delve into this area, many viewers may be pleasantly surprised by the capabilities of individuals with autism in terms of social interaction.

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