Autobiografía by Luis Enrique

Autobiografía by Luis Enrique

In a revealing and secretive story, salsa singer Luis Enrique shares the moments that shaped his life, originating from the depths of a boiling Nicaragua, in a town called Somoto, from which he left at a young age with a suitcase full of dreams. He arrived in the American city alone and undocumented, facing a different culture, an unfamiliar language, and the hardships of any newly arrived immigrant. Undocumented for years and working various jobs, his dream to become a singer seemed very distant… almost impossible. The possibility of achieving what he has today, with recognitions even at the White House, didn’t even exist in his thoughts.

Luis Enrique recounts how he experienced fear, suffering, separation from loved ones, love and heartbreak, and reaching the top thanks to the success that once seemed like a mirage. Every blow, every wound led Luis Enrique to strengthen his desire to fight, and every fall healed as lessons that became the most important weapon in his struggle. His angels and demons are laid bare in a narrative where he exposes himself with words and finds solace in his soul. These moments are also sprinkled with success, laughter, and the state of shock that fame brings. His memoir weaves together moments and experiences of pain, love, and extreme intensity, never before shared, unseen by those who recognize him today as a paramount figure in tropical music.

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