Autobiography Of A Face by Lucy Grealy

Autobiography Of A Face by Lucy Grealy

A New York Times Notable Book, “Grealy has transformed her misfortune into a captivating and absorbing memoir, embodying both grace and cruelty, showcasing her own intelligence, style, and elegance.” states the Washington Post Book World. This memoir, “Autobiography of a Face,” offers a profound and lasting impact on readers, forever raising their consciousness, as described by Mirabella magazine.

In this celebrated memoir, Lucy Grealy explores the concept of identity while confronting the transformative power of cancer. Diagnosed at the tender age of nine, she faced the daunting reality of a potentially terminal illness. Upon returning to school after having a third of her jaw removed, Lucy became the target of cruel taunts from her classmates.

Living with a distorted self-image for two decades and undergoing numerous reconstructive procedures for more than thirty years, Lucy finally reached a point of acceptance and reconciliation with her appearance. In her lyrical and unflinchingly honest memoir, she narrates a tale of immense suffering and exceptional resilience, devoid of any sentimentality, intertwining it with a touch of wit.

Lucy effectively captures the experience of childhood and young adulthood, torn between the desire to be cherished for who we truly are and a concealed aspiration for perfection. In her memoir, she skillfully conveys the internal conflict that arises when these two conflicting impulses clash.

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