Awaiting The Manger : Whispers Of Advent In The Old Testament by Ocieanna Fleiss

Awaiting The Manger : Whispers Of Advent In The Old Testament by Ocieanna Fleiss

Discover Jesus in the Old Testament

Celebrate the joy and anticipation of Christmas while witnessing the magnificent way in which God has intricately woven the promise of Immanuel, meaning “God with us,” throughout the tapestry of human history. Take a transformative journey through the Advent season with “Awaiting the Manger”, and experience how God orchestrated the lives of ordinary individuals to foreshadow the glorious arrival of Christ long before his birth.

Engage in daily readings and immerse yourself in captivating Old Testament accounts that are brought to life with vivid cultural and historical insights. Through this exploration, you will not only perceive these stories from the perspective of those who experienced them firsthand, but also comprehend their profound significance within the grand panorama of our redemption.

Following each reading, you will discover a thought-provoking devotional prompt. This includes a reflection question intended to stimulate journaling or discussion, a prayer designed to ignite deep and meaningful conversations with God, a scripture passage for further study, and a heart-stirring Christmas hymn that will inspire personal or familial worship.

“Awaiting the Manger” will enrich your Advent experience and enhance your comprehension of the Old Testament. As you delve deeper into its pages, you will rejoice in the unwavering tenderness and immeasurable compassion that God has been demonstrating to his people since the very inception of time.

Awakening Love: A Journey of Grace and Redemption

Welcome to this edition of Segionic 10 27! We’re excited to have you join us today. With us today is Oceana, who will be sharing about her current project. But before we dive into that, let’s talk about how Segionic 10 27 came to be. In 2019, the word “Segionic” came to me out of the blue. After looking it up, I discovered it meant “movement by movement in human time”. Years later, in October, I had a dream where I was called to bring this movement to life. And so, Segionic 10 27 was born.

Now, let’s hear from Oceana about her project. She has created an advent devotional for the 25 days of December. Each day, readers will find a devotional, questions to answer, a prayer, a quote, and a hymn to sing. Oceana wanted to include music because it’s an integral part of the Christmas season. The devotional is designed to be a keepsake, something to cherish and use as a tool for reflection and celebration during the Advent season.

During the interview, Oceana shared about the importance of heritage and passing down the love of God to future generations. She also talked about her own experience with legalism and how she found freedom and rest in God’s grace and love. Oceana’s desire is for readers to experience the same overwhelming love of God as they journey through the devotional.

Oceana also shared a powerful story of her son’s transformation through experiencing God’s love. Despite going through a period of darkness and rebellion, her son found healing and purpose in embracing the love of Jesus. His story serves as a reminder that God’s love knows no boundaries and can penetrate societal barriers.

As the conversation continued, Oceana highlighted one of her favorite stories from the devotional – the story of Leah. Leah, who was married to Jacob, experienced rejection and loneliness. However, through her children and her journey with God, she ultimately found the ability to praise the Lord even in the midst of her struggles. This story resonated deeply with Oceana as a testament to God’s faithfulness and love.

Oceana ended the interview by extending an invitation to those who may not yet know the beauty of a relationship with Jesus. She emphasized that accepting Jesus and experiencing His love is as simple as believing in Him and confessing with your mouth that He is Lord.

Oceana’s advent devotional, “Awaiting the Manger,” offers a unique opportunity to dive deeper into the love of God during the Christmas season. Through daily reflections, questions, prayers, quotes, and hymns, readers can experience the overwhelming love and grace of Jesus. Whether you’re new to the faith or have been walking with God for years, this devotional is a powerful tool for drawing closer to God and embracing the true meaning of Christmas.

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