Baby Race (Bluey) by Golden Books

Baby Race (Bluey) by Golden Books

A Little Golden Book inspired by the Bluey animated series is now available for young readers. Based on the popular Bluey original series, which can be streamed on Disney+ and Disney Junior, this book brings together Bluey, Bingo, and their family and friends in a heartwarming tale.

In this wonderful story, Bluey’s Mum shares a delightful baby story about how Bluey learned to walk, highlighting the different ways we all grow up. Bluey, the energetic six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy, lives with her Dad, Mum, and her playful four-year-old sister, Bingo. Together, they embark on various adventures and use their imagination to make everyday life extraordinary.

Little Golden Books have gained immense popularity and enjoy almost 100% consumer recognition. These books are known for featuring cherished classics, as well as showcasing popular licenses and introducing new original stories that are sure to become classics.

We are excited to announce that we will be publishing around two Universal Funko branded Little Golden Books each year, giving young readers more opportunities to dive into captivating stories and embark on incredible journeys.

Baby Race: Bluey’s Journey to Walking

Bluey, Bingo, and Mom are at the playground. Bluey wants to know if she is better at the monkey bars than Bingo. “Well, you are two years older than her,” Bluey says to Mom. “Am I better than Judo?” asks Bluey. “Bluey,” Mom says, “just run your own race.” “Hmm, what does that mean?” Bluey asks.

“Yes, come here,” Mom smiles. “Have I told you the story of when you took your first steps? It all started when you were still a baby. You learned to roll over early,” Mom explains. “Bandits,” she says, “she rolled over. She’s not meant to do that for ages.” “Were you proud of me for rolling over so soon?” asks Bluey. “Yes, sweetie,” Mom replies, “a little too proud. I think I may have turned into a bit of a show-off.” “Well, I’ve never heard of a baby rolling over that early,” Bluey remarks. “I know, she’s just special.”

“But then one day at Mother’s group, Judo sat up by herself,” Mom continues. “Oh my goodness, that’s very early to be sitting,” Bluey exclaims. “Oh well, you know, it’s not a race,” Mom says. “But it was a race,” says Bluey. “A baby race. Shots, Bingo!” “I don’t know what got into me, Mommy-nets,” Bluey confesses. “But I was determined to get you walking before Judo’s mom, I mean Judo.”

“There you go, study Bandit,” Mom says. “She’s sitting. By the time Bluey was sitting, Judo was crawling. Goodness, I can’t keep track of her.” “Judo beat you again,” says Bingo. “And just what did you do about this?” asks Bluey. “I tried my best.” “Did I do it?” Bluey asks. “Did I crawl?” “Not exactly,” Mom replies. “Why was I rolling, Ashley?” Bluey wonders. “I don’t know, kid,” Mom chuckles. “You don’t come with instructions. The doctor said there was nothing to worry about. Some babies just roll before they crawl. But I wasn’t having that.”

“99 bottles of things on the wall,” Mom says. “We tried to show you how to crawl. Now, how good is crawling? It’s better than rolling.” “Did I do it?” Bluey asks again. “Did I crawl?” “Nope,” Bingo answers. “Mom says, with a laugh, ‘Your bum shuffler, shuffler.'” “Meanwhile, Judo is pulling herself up on furniture, which is a step right before walking,” Mom continues. “You were definitely not winning the baby races, Bingo.” “We kept trying,” Bingo says. “Did she crawl?” “Yes,” Mom replies. “Backwards.”

“None of it mattered though,” Mom says. “Judo had won the baby race.” “Were you upset with me because I lost a baby race?” Bluey asks. “No, sweetie,” Mom reassures her. “We’re all learning to do things for the first time. I just felt like I was doing everything wrong.”

“But one day, Coco’s mom came over to see me,” Mom says. “We chatted for a while, and then she showed me a photo. ‘Are these all your children?’ I thought Coco was your first.” “Well, you must have learned a thing or two,” Bluey says. “I have,” Mom smiles. “And there’s something you need to know. You’re doing great.” “Are they happy tears, Mom?” Bingo asks. “Yeah, happy tears, honey,” Mom answers.

“From then on, I decided to run my own race,” Mom says. “So did Bluey ever learn to walk?” Bingo asks. “Yes, honey, in the kitchen,” Mom replies. “Why did I decide to walk in the kitchen?” Bluey wonders. “I don’t know, sweetie,” Mom says. “Bingo thinks maybe he saw something you wanted.”

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