Bad Hombres by William W Johnstone and J A Johnstone

Bad Hombres by William W Johnstone and J A Johnstone

Slash and Pecos find themselves in a harrowing encounter with the toughest villain they’ve ever encountered: a bloodthirsty maniac who is creating a path of destruction. This sinister stranger, who goes by the name of Benson, arrives on the scene like a tornado, bringing with him a mysterious persona and a sadistic nature that rivals the vastness of the Rio Grande. Benson claims to be interested in investing in the town’s future, and he begins by lavishing banks and local businesses with copious amounts of money. However, this is only a facade to test the capabilities of the local law enforcement. To do so, he manipulates two intoxicated individuals into instigating a fight which leads to their arrest. As if this wasn’t enough, he initiates a lethal encounter with a lady from the red-light district, resulting in fatal consequences.

But the chaos doesn’t end there. When Slash and Pecos return from a swift cargo expedition, they discover that Benson has successfully gathered a horde of outlaws, forming his own personal army. The town’s lawmen are swiftly dispatched, and even the US marshals are no match for his forces. With looting and unimaginable brutality prevalent in every street corner, attempting to reclaim the town seems like an act of lunacy or ignorance. Fortunately, Slash and Pecos possess a combination of both. Their experiences have acquainted them with the darkest aspects of humanity, and they understand that the only way to neutralize an exceptionally dangerous individual is to surpass their malevolence.

Inorder to confront Benson, Slash and Pecos must unleash their own sinister side, utilizing their skills and cunning to outmatch him. It becomes evident that defeating this villainous force will require going beyond the boundaries of righteousness. But, as they say, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Slash and Pecos are willing to do whatever it takes to bring justice, even if it means descending into the depths of darkness themselves and battling with sheer ferocity. The outcome of this intense showdown remains uncertain, but one thing is for sure – this town needs heroes who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

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