Baddies by Julia Donaldson

Baddies by Julia Donaldson

Author: Julia Donaldson
View book: Baddies

Get ready for an incredible adventure with the captivating book Baddies! Crafted by the ingenious minds behind Room on the Broom, The Gruffalo, and The Snail and the Whale, this delightful picture book guarantees endless moments of spooky and amusing entertainment. Plunge into the tale of a courageous young girl who courageously relocates to a neighboring cottage only to confront the most vile and cantankerous spirits, witches, and trolls in existence. Will the nefarious baddies triumph, or will the little girl’s remarkable bravery prove insurmountable? Unravel the answers in this thrilling narrative that will keep you engrossed and teetering on the edge of your seat. Secure a copy of this enchanting hardcover and immerse yourself in a world of courageous heroes and mischievous mischief-makers. Tailor-made for budding readers, this book is destined to become a beloved treasure in your household!

The Baddies | Richard E Grant’s Bedtime Story

Hello, I’m Richard, a storyteller who enjoys tales of good and evil. Today, I want to share with you a bedtime story called “The Baddies” by Julia Donaldson. This story introduces us to three truly despicable characters: a troll, a ghost, and a witch. They were notorious for never saying sorry or showing any kindness. In fact, they reveled in their wickedness and loved to boast about it.

The troll claimed to be the strongest and believed he could win any fight. The ghost boasted about being the scariest, making things go bump in the night. And the witch, well, she bragged about her magical powers, turning men into mice and precious gems into worthless coal. When a girl with a blue spotty hanky moved into the neighborhood, they saw an opportunity to wreak havoc.

Each of the baddies had their own plan to torment the girl. The troll planned to scare her as she crossed a stream, but she sidestepped his attack effortlessly. The witch tried to use her magic to steal the girl’s hanky, but ended up with a toffee stuck to her nose and a string tangled around her knee. Lastly, the ghost thought he could frighten her in her bedroom, but instead, the girl offered him comfort and hospitality, leaving him feeling rather foolish.

In the end, the girl’s kindness prevailed. She not only helped a little white mouse and her babies by giving them the blue spotty hanky, but she also unintentionally defeated the baddies. Seeing the error of their ways, the baddies decided to leave town and live with an ogre.

This story reminded me that being bad leads to nowhere. The little mouse in the story was cleverer than the baddies, and the girl was much kinder. So, let this story be a reminder to always be kind and do the right thing. It’s much more rewarding and enjoyable to be a good person.

Now, as I see the little mice all snugly tucked in, it’s time for me to say goodnight. Remember to dream about all the exciting stories you can tell tomorrow. If you want to watch more celebrity readers, you can find them on CBeebies Bedtime Stories on BBC iPlayer.

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