Ball In The Air by Michael Bamberger

Ball In The Air by Michael Bamberger

Golf enthusiasts, rejoice! Michael Bamberger’s latest masterpiece, BALL IN THE AIR, is a captivating tribute to the world of amateur golf. With his unique brand of intimate storytelling, Bamberger takes readers on a thrilling journey into the modern golf scene. Prepare to meet an array of fascinating individuals who have been captivated by the game’s magic.

Meet Sam Reeves, a dedicated golf aficionado and member of the US Army. Behold the story of Pratima Sherpa, a gifted golfer hailing from the majestic nation of Nepal. Discover the tale of Ryan French, a remarkable talent competing on a college golf team. And be inspired by the legendary Lee Trevino, one of the few professionals featured in this remarkable book.

BALL IN THE AIR not only delves into the intricacies of the sport but also touches on the lives it has profoundly impacted. The hardcover binding of this book makes it a truly cherished addition to any golf lover’s library. Whether you’re itching to hit the links or simply in search of a captivating literary experience, BALL IN THE AIR is the ultimate companion.

Balls in the Air: The Mystery and Passion of Golf

Hello, my name is Kathy Bissell and welcome to the Golf Show 2.0. Today we have a special guest, Michael Bamberger. Gary, why don’t you tell us some interesting things about Michael?

Well, I’ve noticed that when people say someone needs no introduction, they always go ahead and introduce them anyway. But Michael does need an introduction, and he’s done a lot in the world of golf. He’s written books, worked for Philadelphia Inquirer, Sports Illustrated, and the European Tour. He and I are one of the few U.S golf writers who have actually caddied in a tournament.

Rory, Jordan, Phil, Brooks, John – who has the best chance of completing the Grand Slam next?

I think right now you have to say John Rahm. Rory has a mental hurdle to overcome at the Masters, and Jordan’s game has changed a lot since his success years ago.

Why did you write this book, “Balls in the Air”?

I wanted to celebrate the amateur game of golf and explore the different stages of a golfer’s life. The book follows three different characters in their journey with golf and captures the mystery and hold that the game has on people.

Thank you to Michael for being a wonderful guest and friend. We look forward to part two of this conversation. Stay tuned!

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