Band Of Sisters : American Women At War In Iraq by Kirsten Holmstedt

Band Of Sisters : American Women At War In Iraq by Kirsten Holmstedt

Now available in paperback, Band of Sisters is a highly acclaimed book that has won multiple prestigious awards, including the 2007 American Authors Association Golden Quill Award and the 2007 Military Writers Society of America Founder’s Award.

In Iraq, the battlefield spans the entire country, and there is no escaping the reality that women in the U.S. military are actively engaged in combat. With over 155,000 women serving in various roles, their contributions cannot be underestimated.

Band of Sisters shares the captivating and emotionally charged stories of these courageous American women who have served on the frontlines in Iraq. Among them are remarkable accounts, such as the first female pilot to be shot down and survive, the military’s pioneering black female pilot in combat, a young turret gunner who valiantly defended convoys, and a nurse whose heroic efforts saved lives, including her own.

Band of Sisters: Unveiling Women’s War Stories from Iraq – The Untold Sacrifices

In Iraq, women in the US military have been actively participating in combat since 2003. Over 155,000 women have served, which is four times the number sent to Desert Storm in 1991. Unfortunately, more than 430 American female Marines, soldiers, sailors, and airmen have been wounded by RPGs, bullets, and IEDs, with over 70 losing their lives. This is twice the number of US military women killed in action in Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm combined.

However, the debate over whether women should be in combat is no longer relevant. American women are already in combat, and they are warriors. The more important question is: what is their experience of war? Up until now, their stories have been largely unheard.

Band of Sisters: Sharing Their Stories

Band of Sisters presents 12 compelling stories of American women in combat. This article introduces the first female pilot to be shot down and survive, as well as the US military’s first black female pilot in combat. You will also meet a 21-year-old turret gunner defending convoys, two lance corporals fighting in a firefight, a truck driver gravely wounded by an explosion, and a nurse grappling with the emotional traumas of war.

One woman interviewed shared, “We love our country as much as the men, and we’ve made the same sacrifices as our brothers in arms.” Band of Sisters sheds light on these sacrifices for the first time, giving a voice to these brave women who have served their country.

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