Bands Of Mourning : A Mistborn Novel by Brandon Sanderson

Bands Of Mourning : A Mistborn Novel by Brandon Sanderson

The Mistborn world created by #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson continues to expand its horizons with an enchanting quest and enigmatic visitors from the southern lands.

The fabled Bands of Mourning, legendary metalminds once possessed by the Lord Ruler, are reputed to grant extraordinary powers to whoever dons them. Though many believe them to be mere myths, a kandra researcher returns to Elendel with mystifying images that appear to depict the Bands, along with inscriptions in an indecipherable language.

Notably, Waxillium Ladrian is stunned when he is presented with a photograph of his captive sister, Telsin, held captive by his uncle, a prominent figure within the secretive organization known as the Set. Driven by these revelations, Wax embarks on a journey to the city of New Seran, accompanied by his partner Wayne, the brilliant Marasi, and the morally adaptable kandra MeLaan.

During their travels, the group stumbles upon evidence suggesting that the Set has discovered the wreckage of an enigmatic ship, far away from any body of water, and they hold hostage a masked survivor who struggles to communicate in their language. Both this survivor’s people and the Set are in pursuit of the Bands, raising the urgency to find them before they fall into the wrong hands.

“A captivating novel that seamlessly blends elements of the Wild West and Indiana Jones, infusing it with an abundance of exhilaration and a charming sense of humor.” — Kirkus Reviews

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