Barbie Collector’s Guide by Marilyn Easton

Barbie Collector's Guide by Marilyn Easton

Discover the incredible journey of Barbie through a captivating book that celebrates her limitless potential. Uncover the diverse range of careers Barbie has embarked on, empowering young minds to believe that they too can achieve anything they set their minds to. This exciting book also includes a unique and collectible poster, showcasing the many faces of Barbie throughout the years.

From saving lives as a surgeon to exploring the vastness of space as an astronaut, Barbie has shattered stereotypes and proven time and time again that the sky’s the limit. Immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities, where imagination knows no boundaries.

Unveil fascinating trivia and intriguing facts about the iconic Barbie, such as her inaugural release on March 9, 1959, marking the beginning of a global phenomenon. Witness the evolution of Barbie’s friends, with Ken making his debut in 1961.

Journey back to Barbie’s humble beginnings, where her first Dreamhouse consisted of a single room, with paper furniture, and no roof. Experience the thrill as Barbie blazes a trail in the political arena, running for President of the United States six times since 1992.

Dive deeper into the rich history of Barbie, spanning over 60 years, and reignite your passion for these beloved dolls. Rediscover the magic and charm that have captivated generations of Barbie fans.

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