Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations by Unknown author

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations by Unknown author

From ancient Egypt to the present day, delve into a comprehensive exploration of world history by uncovering its most memorable phrases in the newly revised and updated nineteenth edition of Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations. Over 150 years since its initial release, Bartlett’s enters a new era with its nineteenth edition. Originally compiled by John Bartlett, a bookseller in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as a commonplace book spanning a mere 258 pages, the 1855 edition predominantly featured excerpts from the Bible, the works of Shakespeare, and renowned English poets.

Today, Bartlett’s boasts over 20,000 quotes from approximately 4,000 contributors. Encompassing centuries of intellectual thought and cultural richness, it stands as the most exceptional and beloved collection of quotations ever compiled. While upholding its tradition of timeless classical references, this edition incorporates more than 3,000 fresh quotes from over 700 new sources, including notable figures such as Alison Bechdel, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Pope Francis, Atul Gawande, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Hilary Mantel, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Claudia Rankine, Fred Rogers, Bernie Sanders, Patti Smith, and Malala Yousafzai.

Bartlett’s showcases the ideas and musings not only from prominent individuals in the realms of arts, literature, politics, science, sports, and business but also from lesser-known individuals who have profoundly moved, challenged, or inspired readers and listeners throughout history. Searching for the perfect quote within Bartlett’s vast collection is effortless with three convenient methods: alphabetically by author, chronologically by the author’s birth date, or thematically by subject. Whether seeking suitable remarks for a celebration, comforting thoughts for a solemn occasion, or merely desiring to unravel the mysteries of “Who said that?” Bartlett’s delivers a magnificent treasury of words that have indelibly influenced individuals from all walks of life.

Discover the Features of Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations App

Hi! I’m here to give you a quick tour of the Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations mobile application. When users first open the app, they will be greeted with a tutorial that showcases the main features of the app.

You can easily share quotes on your favorite social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and email. If you love a quote, simply tap on the star to save it to your favorites. You can also create and share unique quote and photo mashups using the app’s search feature.

Looking for a specific quote? Enter a search term above or explore quotes by author, topic, or emotion.

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry! Users are always greeted with a quote of the day that is hand-picked for relevance to the current date.

There are two ways to search for quotes in the app. You can browse through different categories, such as author, publication, topic, and occasion. For example, if you’re looking for a quote for Thanksgiving, simply select the “occasions” category, then “holidays,” and finally “Thanksgiving.”

Another way to search is by entering a specific term. For instance, if you want to find quotes by Shakespeare, type in his name and click search. You can further narrow down your search by entering additional keywords, like “love,” to find all of Shakespeare’s quotes on that topic.

Once you find a quote you like, you can create a quote and photo mashup. In the app, you have the option to take a photo with your device’s camera, select a photo from your camera roll, or use a provided photo or pattern. Customize the position, color, background, and frame of the quote and photo mashup. When you’re done, save it to your camera roll or share it directly with your friends.

That’s just a quick overview of some of the features in the Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations app. You can download it from the Apple App Store starting on November 7th, or later this month from Google Play for Android devices and Barnes & Noble for Nook Tablet devices. For more information, visit Bartlett’ Enjoy!

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