Basic Illustrated Animal Tracks by Jonathan Hanson and Roseann Hanson

Basic Illustrated Animal Tracks by Jonathan Hanson and Roseann Hanson

Do you find animal tracks confusing and struggle to identify them in the wild? If so, the Basic Illustrated Animal Tracks book is the perfect guide for you. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced explorer, this affordable and portable resource is a must-have.

This book presents years of knowledge in an easy-to-understand format, allowing you to confidently identify the tracks of various animals that you may encounter in the wild. From small mammals to large predators, you’ll be able to distinguish and identify their signs with ease.

Not only will the Basic Illustrated Animal Tracks book help you identify tracks, but it also provides valuable insights into animal behavior. Additionally, you’ll find useful tips and tricks for effective tracking, making it an invaluable tool for your outdoor adventures.

Don’t let confusing animal tracks deter you from exploring the wild. Equip yourself with the Basic Illustrated Animal Tracks book and gain the confidence to navigate and understand the fascinating world of animal tracks.

Nature Journaling for a Wild Life: A Journey into Creativity and Connection

In this episode, host Bethan Burton interviews Roseanne Hansen about her work as a naturalist and nature journal teacher. Roseanne discusses her journey from writing articles and books on adventure and natural history to incorporating sketching and illustrations into her field journals. She explains how she started with traditional field notes and gradually added sketching, overcoming her perfectionism to focus on the details that help her identify birds and plants. Roseanne also shares the evolution of her minimalist nature journaling toolkit, which includes a few primary colors and one brush.

Roseanne then goes on to talk about her passion for creating feral watercolors from rocks and soil, sharing the process and safety considerations involved in making and using these pigments. She highlights the connections between creating place-based art and journal entries, as well as the positive impact of online learning during the pandemic, making nature accessible to people with disabilities or those unable to travel.

Roseanne discusses her book, “Nature Journaling for a Wild Life,” which serves as a guide to getting started with nature journaling and includes high-quality watercolor paper and teaching materials. She also shares her excitement about online field trips, which allow people from all over the world to explore different locations and connect with nature.

Overall, Roseanne emphasizes the importance of letting go of perfectionism, sharing work with others, and finding joy in the process of nature journaling. She encourages beginners to start small and embrace the positive feedback and support from the journaling community.

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