Batgirl Vol.2 : To The Death by Kelley Puckett

Batgirl Vol.2 : To The Death by Kelley Puckett

Cassandra Cain, otherwise known as Batgirl, is a formidable crime-fighter. She is not only mentored by Batman and Barbara Gordon, but she is also a master of martial arts. Her extraordinary fighting skills define her, making her identity inseparable from her abilities. However, when her skills failed her, she was willing to make a desperate bargain to regain them.

After their initial encounter, the invincible assassin known as Lady Shiva was impressed by Cassandra. Lady Shiva agreed to help Cassandra restore her incredible fighting prowess. Yet, there was a condition. Exactly one year later, Lady Shiva would return to challenge Cassandra in a rematch – a rematch where the stakes are higher than ever. This time, it is a battle to the death.

In these classic adventures penned by writer Kelley Puckett (BATMAN ADVENTURES) and brought to life by artists Damion Scott (ROBIN) and Robert Campanella (GREEN ARROW), Batgirl must confront her darkest fears and inner demons. BATGIRL VOL. 2: TO THE DEATH is a compelling collection that encompasses issues BATGIRL #13-25.

A Comprehensive Reading Order of Batgirl!

Hey there, fellow readers! Welcome to a comprehensive reading order for Batgirl. In this article, we’ll cover all the essential books you need to dive into the world of Batgirl. So, let’s get started!

Batgirl Year One

Let’s kick off this reading order with Batgirl Year One. This book, written by Scott Beatty and Chuck Dixon, introduces us to the first year of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. It’s a must-read and available in various formats.

Cassandra Cain as Batgirl Volume One

Next up, we have Cassandra Cain as Batgirl Volume One. This collects the first twelve issues of Cassandra Cain’s ongoing series. It’s full of action and stunning artwork.

Batgirl Volume Two: To the Death

In volume two, titled To the Death, we dive deeper into Cassandra Cain’s journey as Batgirl. This volume collects issues 13 through 25 and features the return of Lady Shiva and some intense battles.

Batgirl Volume Three: Point-Blank

Volume three, called Point-Blank, continues Cassandra Cain’s story as Batgirl. It collects issues 26 through 37 and features guest appearances by Nightwing and Spoiler.

Wargames Book One

Now, let’s talk about Wargames Book One. This is a crossover event and collects Batgirl issue 53 along with other bat family issues. It’s an intense storyline with significant consequences.

Robin Batgirl: Fresh Blood

Next up, we have Robin Batgirl: Fresh Blood. This collects Robin 132 and 133 and Batgirl 58 and 59. It’s a crossover event with thrilling moments.

Batgirl: Kicking Assassins

Batgirl: Kicking Assassins collects issues 60 through 64 and showcases Batgirl’s ongoing battle against the Penguin and other villains in Bludhaven.

Batgirl: Destruction’s Daughter

In Batgirl: Destruction’s Daughter, we see Batgirl reunited with her father, David Kane. This collection includes issues 65 through 73 and uncovers some intriguing secrets from Batgirl’s past.

Batgirl: Infinite Crisis

The next storyline takes us to Batgirl: Infinite Crisis, a big crossover event where everything changes, including the fate of Batgirl. Don’t miss out on this important read.

Batgirl: Redemption

In Batgirl: Redemption, Cassandra Cain finds herself on a mission for revenge. It collects a mini-series from 2005-2006 and explores her complex relationship with her father and her past.

Batgirl: Batgirl Rising

Now, let’s shift our focus to the Stephanie Brown era of Batgirl. Batgirl Rising collects the first six issues of her series and introduces us to the new Batgirl in town.

Batgirl: The Flood

Volume two, titled The Flood, continues Stephanie Brown’s journey as Batgirl. This collection includes issues 7 through 13 and features exciting crossovers and unique challenges.

Batgirl: The Lesson

In volume three, The Lesson, Stephanie Brown faces new challenges and uncovers hidden secrets. This collection includes issues 15 through 24 and explores the depths of her character.

Batgirl: Batgirl of Burnside

Get ready for a major change! Batgirl of Burnside revamps the character and her surroundings. This collection includes issues 35-40 and takes Batgirl on a new adventure in her stylish new neighborhood.

Batgirl: Son of the Penguin

Volume two of the Batgirl of Burnside era, Son of the Penguin, dives into a personal story for Barbara Gordon. This collection includes issues 7-11 and Batgirl Annual #1.

Batgirl: Summer of Lies

In Summer of Lies, Batgirl faces a series of short stories that test her character and push her to her limits. This collection includes issues 12-17 and showcases the mental and physical challenges she faces.

Batgirl: Strange Loop

Volume four, Strange Loop, delves into Barbara Gordon’s mind and the complexities of her identity. This collection includes issues 18-23 and explores her deep emotional journey.

Batgirl: Art of Crime

In the final volume of the Hope Larson run, Art of Crime, Barbara Gordon tackles new challenges and uncovers the truth behind some mysterious events. This collection includes issues 26-29 and annual #2.

Batgirl: Rebirth

We can’t forget about Batgirl’s rebirth! This collection, simply titled Batgirl: Rebirth, reintroduces Barbara Gordon as Batgirl in the new DC Universe. It collects issues 1-6 and sets the stage for her ongoing adventures.

And that’s it, folks! This comprehensive reading order covers all the essential Batgirl stories, from the iconic to the modern era. Happy reading!

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