Battlepug : The Compugdium by Mike Norton

Battlepug : The Compugdium by Mike Norton

Finally, the highly-acclaimed webcomic is now available in a complete collection! In this long-awaited release, all five volumes of Mike Norton’s incredible Fantasy/humor series are brought together for the first time. Embark on an epic journey alongside the last descendant of Kinmundia and his loyal companion, THE BATTLEPUG. Together, they traverse the land, driven by a thirst for revenge against every outrageously gigantic creature they encounter. This extraordinary compilation also includes exclusive bonus content, such as mesmerizing sketches and awe-inspiring artwork contributed by some of the most imaginative artists in the industry today. Prepare yourself to delve into the captivating world of BATTLEPUG as you immerse yourself in this comprehensive collection encompassing the entire original series spanning five volumes.

Battlepug: The Epic Revenge Journey of a Reluctant Warrior

Hey there, fellow readers! Today, I have an intriguing comic book to discuss with you. It’s none other than the epic fantasy comic, Battle Pug by Mike Norton. Let’s dive right into the review! Oh, but before we begin, I’d like to introduce my partner-in-reviewing, Luna. Together, we’ll give you an in-depth look at what Battle Pug is all about.

So, what exactly is Battle Pug? Our story starts with a curious tale shared by a mysterious stranger in a room filled with a pug, a frenchie, and a naked woman lying on a bed. The pugs long for a story, and the stranger tells them about the warrior and the battle pug. This tale begins in an arctic village where a young boy, the warrior, dreams of playing with toys rather than hunting and fishing. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes when his village is attacked by a giant seal, leaving him as the sole survivor of his people, the Kin Mundi.

As he wanders through the wreckage, the warrior comes face-to-face with a sinister man bearing three scars. This encounter sparks his desire for revenge against the man who slaughtered his family. The warrior ends up in the Northlands, a land of elves and not-so-nice Santa Claus lookalikes. During the day, he works as a servant, and at night, he becomes a gladiator. However, one day, the seal that attacked his village reappears, and the warrior seizes the opportunity to unleash his rage. He defeats the seal and, fueled by newfound confidence, kills Santa Claus and his elves, vowing to seek revenge.

While traveling, the warrior stumbles upon an abandoned town and encounters an unlikely companion: Battle Pug. Initially unimpressed, the warrior reluctantly teams up with the battle pug. Their joint mission is to find the man who destroyed the warrior’s village and murdered his family. Along the way, they form a fellowship with other characters and embark on a quest to confront Catwolf, a figure with his own motives in the world of Battle Pug.

Now, let’s talk about the artwork. The art in Battle Pug is absolutely stunning, bursting with vibrant colors and distinctive character designs. The facial expressions and fight scenes are incredibly well-drawn, reminiscent of Conan the Barbarian and Red Sonja. The artwork pays homage to these classics while still maintaining its unique style. It truly brings the story to life.

What surprised me about Battle Pug was how quickly I grew fond of the characters, both in the pug-filled fantasy world and the main duo, the warrior and Battle Pug themselves. The warrior draws inspiration from Conan the Barbarian, while Battle Pug serves as an endearing companion, much like Battle Cat or Clifford the Big Red Dog. The story strikes a balance between seriousness and parody, with moments that had me laughing out loud.

I can’t recommend this book enough! Whether you’re a fan of Conan the Barbarian or simply adore pugs, Battle Pug will surely capture your heart. The complete story encompasses the original webcomic published by Dark Horse and later taken up by Image Comics. You can find it in a beautiful hardcover edition, which includes an awesome art gallery showcasing different artists.

Overall, this book was an unexpected gem for me. It began as a gag gift for my wife, who loves pugs, but it ended up captivating me with its clever storytelling and delightful characters. If you’re looking for a gripping adventure with a touch of humor, Battle Pug is the perfect choice. And remember, no pugs were harmed in the making of this video!

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