Be The Serpent by Seanan McGuire

Be The Serpent by Seanan McGuire

Now available in paperback, the sixteenth installment of the highly acclaimed October Daye urban fantasy series is here. Titled “Married to the Unknown,” this Hugo-nominated novel continues the thrilling journey of our beloved protagonist, October Daye.

As a hero, October Daye has faced numerous trials, turmoil, and terror. But nothing could have prepared her for the unforeseen circumstance of getting married. Yes, you heard it right, the fierce and independent October Daye is embarking on a new chapter of her life, sharing both the highs and lows with someone else.

Breaking away from her heroic responsibilities upon the Queen in the Mists’ official approval and with her supportive family by her side, October is doing her best to adapt to this uncharted territory. Although it’s not always smooth sailing, she is, after all, a hero who has triumphed over far greater challenges.

However, just as October starts to find her footing, an astonishing revelation shatters her newfound tranquility. A trusted friend and ally turns out to be a deceitful enemy who has been masquerading in her life all along. Suddenly, her momentary respite becomes a tumultuous battle for survival, not only for herself but also for her community and everything she holds dear.

The debts of the Broken Ride, whether incurred by her or not, are now demanding their payment. And it is October Daye who must face the consequences.

Book Review: BE THE SERPENT (October Daye) – Snarky Fairy Night with Impressive Plot Twists

Be the Serpent: A Melodramatic Fantasy Book Review

The 16th installment in the captivating “October Day” fantasy series, Be the Serpent introduces readers to October Day, a feisty and fearless fairy knight. In this latest book, author X presents an intriguing and grandiose plot full of unexpected twists and shocking revelations. However, it’s worth noting that these moments are not fully explored, leaving a sense of missed potential.

One of the highlights of this series is the witty and sarcastic narrative style, delivered by the protagonist. October Day’s character is a blend of a fierce warrior and an emotionally vulnerable being, which adds depth and relatability to her relationships. Though personally not enamored with this particular type of character, I can understand how it may deeply resonate with readers who appreciate such complex protagonists.

The Plot Twist that Leaves You Wanting More

Central to Be the Serpent are the mesmerizing plot twists and betrayals that take center stage. While these moments offer an opportunity to dig deeper into the emotional impact and ramifications they have on the characters, the book leaves readers yearning for more. The potential for a deeper exploration of the betrayal and its consequences is teased, but not fully realized.

A Snarky Protagonist with Layers

October Day, our captivating narrator, boasts a snarky and sardonic persona that shines throughout the book. This distinctive voice is one of the book’s major strengths, as it adds humor and a unique perspective. It also allows readers to connect with October on a deeper level, as her emotional complexities and the challenges she faces are revealed.

Readers who are drawn to strong warrior-type characters will find October Day’s blend of bravery and vulnerability particularly appealing. Her ability to maintain meaningful relationships despite her disposition makes her a relatable and engaging protagonist.

A Captivating Fantasy Series

For lovers of fantastical tales with a touch of drama, the “October Day” series is a must-read. Be the Serpent offers readers a captivating and immersive experience, filled with intriguing plot twists and a unique mix of snark and emotion. While the missed opportunities to delve deeper into certain aspects of the story may leave some readers wanting more, the series overall is a delightful and enthralling journey.

A Four-Star Rating

After careful consideration, I have awarded Be the Serpent a four-star rating. The book’s melodramatic plot twists and revelations certainly make an impact, but it falls short in fully exploiting their potential. However, fans of a spirited and emotionally complex narrator will undoubtedly find this series a captivating addition to their bookshelves.

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