Bear Says Thanks by Karma Wilson

Bear Says Thanks by Karma Wilson

In this delightful and beautifully depicted picture book, Bear finds himself with countless reasons to express gratitude! To convey his appreciation, Bear hatches a wonderful plan – he decides to organize a grand feast! Graciously, Bear’s friends arrive, each carrying a delectable dish to contribute. However, Bear encounters a minor setback – his cupboards are completely empty!

How will Bear overcome this hurdle?

Bear Says Thanks – A Heartwarming Tale of Gratitude

Hi everyone, you’re just in time for another wonderful tale. “Bear Says Thanks” by Karma Wilson, with illustrations by Jane Chapman, is a heartwarming story about a bear who feels bored and lonely in his cave. He longs for his friends and wants to share a big feast with them. However, when he looks through his cupboard, he realizes it’s empty and he has nothing to offer.

Just when things seem bleak, mouse arrives with a huckleberry pie as a surprise gift. Gratefully, bear thanks mouse for the delicious pie, but expresses his disappointment in having nothing to give in return. Suddenly, they hear a greeting from hair, who brings a batch of muffins, and the bear says thanks again.

Soon after, badger arrives with more treats, followed by gopher and mole with warm honey nuts, and owl with pears and herbs for tea, along with raven and ren. They all bring their contributions to the feast, but bear starts to feel downhearted once more, as he realizes he has nothing to contribute.

However, his friends reassure him, reminding him that he has something valuable to offer – his stories. They embrace him and assure him that his presence and friendship mean more than any food or gifts. Overjoyed, bear thanks his friends for their kindness and they all gather around a quilt on the ground to enjoy the feast together.

In the cozy cave, surrounded by friendship and gratitude, these friends express their appreciation for bear and the special bond they share. They pass around delicious food, laugh, and chat with one another, all saying thanks to bear for being such a wonderful friend.

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