Bear That Heard Crying by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock and Helen Kinsey

Bear That Heard Crying by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock and Helen Kinsey

The Bear That Heard Crying is an incredible but true account, beautifully presented by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock and Ted Rand’s captivating illustrations. This remarkable tale unfolds in June 1783, when a three-year-old girl named Sarah Whitcher ventures into the woods and vanishes without a trace.

Despite three days of frantic searching, it seems all hope is lost. However, a stranger emerges and guides the distraught family to a majestic pine tree, where they discover Sarah lying there. Astonishingly, she speaks of a “big black dog” who had safeguarded her every night. But unbeknownst to them, it was not a dog at all but a motherly bear, shielding the young girl from harm.

The School Library Journal hails this book as a “delight for enthusiasts of pioneer tales” – a must-read for young readers embarking on their literary journey. Its addition to any bookshelf is invaluable, promising sheer enjoyment and anticipation for your little ones.

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Once upon a time in June 1783, a little girl named Cera Witcher got lost in the woods. It was a sunny Sunday, and Cera’s family was taking a break from their usual activities. Instead of chopping wood or going to church, they sat near their cabin, enjoying the tranquil surroundings while Cera’s mother read from the Bible. After lunch, Cera’s parents decided to take a walk to visit their relatives, Chase and Hannah, who had recently had a baby.

Cera adored her uncle Chase and desperately wanted to join her parents on their visit. However, they insisted that she stay home with her siblings, as the journey was too far for her young legs. Cera intended to obey but couldn’t resist the temptation, so she secretly followed her parents into the deep woods.

As she ventured further away from the familiar path, Cera became entranced by the beauty of the forest. She became so engrossed in searching for wildflowers that she lost track of time and distance. She even encountered a few small animals along the way, but none of them could compare to the strange and unexpected encounter waiting for her.

Suddenly, Cera heard the sound of branches snapping and her heart raced with anticipation. The bushes parted, revealing a large, shaggy bear with deep black eyes. Astonishingly, instead of feeling fear, Cera felt a sense of comfort and companionship in the presence of the bear. She reached out and gently touched its nose, feeling a connection that made her feel safer and less alone.

Exhausted from her journey, Cera nestled into the bear’s warm fur and allowed herself to drift off to sleep. Meanwhile, back at the cabin, Cera’s absence had been noticed, and panic ensued. The community rallied together to search for the missing girl, but each passing day brought more discouragement and despair.

However, fate had other plans. A man named Mr. Heath arrived on the scene, claiming to have had a dream about finding Cera under a large pine tree near Berry Brook, guarded by a bear. Though skeptical, the search party agreed to give it one more shot. To their astonishment, Mr. Heath’s dream turned out to be a reality.

Cera was found sleeping peacefully under the very pine tree Mr. Heath had described, surrounded by bear tracks. Joseph Patch, one of the searchers, fired a celebratory shot and scooped Cera into his arms, carrying her back home. The entire community rejoiced, grateful that the little girl had been found alive and well.

Back at home, Cera’s family embraced her lovingly, relieved to have her safe and sound. They prepared a feast to celebrate her return, with Mrs. Richardson providing her famous baked beans and the women of the community preparing a variety of delicious dishes.

Amidst the joy and gratitude, Cera mentioned the friendly “black dog” that had kept her company in the woods. Little did she know that the creature was actually a bear. Rather than shatter her perception, her family chose to keep the truth from her, allowing her to cherish the memory of the bear’s companionship without fear or confusion.

From that day forward, the bear and the brave little girl became a legendary tale in their community. It served as a reminder of the power of hope, dreams, and the extraordinary bond that can form between humans and animals.

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