Beautiful Arrangement by Beth Wiseman

Beautiful Arrangement by Beth Wiseman

Can Samuel and Lydia discover love in their marriage that was arranged out of necessity? The third and final installment of the Amish Journey series by acclaimed author Beth Wiseman portrays a newly wedded couple who must mend past wounds before they can hope for a future filled with healing.

Lydia, still in astonishment, finds herself married to Samuel Bontrager. She is only seventeen, and with a six-month-old daughter, it seems impossible to fathom. As their baby Mattie becomes increasingly fussy each passing day, Lydia wonders how she will endure a lifetime of marriage to a man whom she does not love, at least not in the manner she desires.

Samuel acknowledges that marrying Lydia when she became pregnant was the right decision. Although he has developed affection for her, he struggles to express his emotions verbally. He fears that Lydia might not reciprocate his love since she constantly pushes him away whenever he tries to get closer.

As Lydia and Samuel introduce their friends, Beverly and Joseph, to each other, they experience both envy and delight watching their friends fall in love. Yet, just as Samuel believes Lydia might be warming up to him, she becomes engrossed in investigating the enigmatic past of a local homeless woman with a tarnished reputation. This curiosity threatens to further drive the couple apart.

A Beautiful Arrangement showcases the redemptive power of love, offering a moving story of forgiveness and unconditional devotion. Critics praise its heartfelt narrative, which will keep readers engaged until the very last page. Fans of Beth Wiseman’s work will undoubtedly cherish this book, as it combines heartbreak, sweetness, and unexpected plot twists that add depth to Lydia and Samuel’s journey towards love, giving readers a satisfying experience.

In addition to its touching story, A Beautiful Arrangement is a valuable addition to the Amish Journey series. Book clubs will appreciate the inclusion of discussion questions, allowing for even deeper exploration of its themes and characters. With its approximately 85,000 words, the book promises an engaging and fulfilling reading experience. It is part of the wider series which includes Hearts in Harmony and Listening to Love, both of which are sweet, contemporary Amish romances.

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