Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book : 95 Inspiring Ideas For Photographing Your Friends, Your World, And Yourself by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman

Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book : 95 Inspiring Ideas For Photographing Your Friends, Your World, And Yourself by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman

Ready to give your photos some extra attention? Whether it’s a picture of your sister’s infectious smile, your morning coffee that always jumpstarts your day, or your adorable new puppy that brings endless joy to your life, photographs have a way of connecting us. They help us tell our stories on Facebook and Instagram, serve as visual diaries of our lives, and create precious memories for future generations.

Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, the creative minds behind the immensely popular DIY style blog, A Beautiful Mess, understand the power of capturing everyday life through the lens. They have poured their love for photography into a brand new book, jam-packed with 95 fresh tips and photo challenges that will ignite your creativity and elevate your skills. With their guidance, you’ll not only take better photos, but also transform them into delightful projects and heartfelt gifts.

What can you expect to learn from A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book?

1. Master the art of self-portraiture: Discover secrets for capturing the most flattering angles and expressions that truly reflect your personality.

2. Unleash your styling prowess: Learn how to transform dull and cluttered photos into stunning lifestyle photography by becoming your own stylist.

3. Embrace the beauty of love: Capture timeless and adorable couple portraits that perfectly portray the love between two people.

4. Elevate the ordinary: Find inspiration in everyday moments, hobbies, and rituals to create extraordinary and mesmerizing photographs.

5. Amplify your photographs: Showcase your favorite shots by turning them into exquisite handmade jewelry, captivating home decor, or heartwarming gifts.

Filled with Elsie and Emma’s signature happy spirit and unique style, A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book will empower you to capture the essence of your days, immortalize the magic of your friendships, and breathe life into your dreams through breathtaking photos. Say goodbye to mundane snapshots and hello to artful storytelling with just a click of a button.

Must-Read Books & Mags for Inspiration: A Review

In this web post, I will be sharing some of my favorite magazines and books that have captured my attention. These are great resources for photographers and those interested in photography as a hobby.

The Beautiful Mess

One of the books that I highly recommend is “The Beautiful Mess: Photo Idea Book.” It is filled with numerous articles, ideas, and vibrant colors. This book is perfect for photographers looking for inspiration and new ideas.

Painting, Crafting, Decorating

Another book by the same authors, Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, is focused on painting, crafting, and decorating. It provides cheerful and inspiring ideas to make your home more beautiful and vibrant.

Inspirational Magazines

I also want to mention some old issues of inspirational magazines that I recently ordered from Stanton & Company, which I will link below. These magazines are artistic and creative, perfect for those seeking inspiration. One example is “Artful Blogging,” a colorful publication that sparks creativity and provides inspiration.

Bella Grace: Life’s a Beautiful Journey

Lastly, I want to introduce you to my absolute favorite magazine, “Bella Grace: Life’s a Beautiful Journey.” Each issue is beautifully crafted and filled with inspiring words and poetry. Reading this magazine helps me find solace, clear my mind, and uplift my spirits.

I hope you enjoyed this little magazine and book haul. These resources have brought so much joy into my life, and I highly recommend them to everyone. Have a wonderful day!

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