Beauty Of Horror 5 : Haunt Of Fame Coloring Book by Alan Robert

Beauty Of Horror 5 : Haunt Of Fame Coloring Book by Alan Robert

Introducing the latest edition of the highly popular coloring book series, Ghouliana and her pals proudly present a chilling and twisted Haunt of Fame, paying homage to beloved figures in pop culture. From music legends like The Godfather of Soul and The Fab Four to iconic members of the 27 Club, this hauntingly beautiful book resurrects these entertainment arts icons in all their terrifying glory.

Join Ghouliana and her undead companions on a journey through their very own Haunt of Fame, where they pay tribute to their favorite celebrities. From Harry Houdini to Edgar Allan Poe, from Einstein to Marilyn, these famous faces make an appearance in this merrily macabre squad’s 15 minutes of fame. Immerse yourself in over 80 pages of intricately designed illustrations, hand-drawn with meticulous detail. While you color, keep an eye out for hidden ghastly memorabilia and easter eggs, adding an extra layer of fun to the coloring experience.

Embracing the original size loved by fans (10″ x 10″) and featuring a double-sided format, The Beauty of Horror 5: Haunt of Fame invites you to bring your creativity to life and embrace the dark side of pop culture. Get ready for a chilling journey filled with unforgettable characters and spine-tingling illustrations.

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