Because We Belong by Beth Kery

Because We Belong by Beth Kery

Get ready for another captivating and seductive tale from New York Times bestselling author Beth Kery. In her latest novel Because We Belong, she continues the tantalizing narrative of the previous blockbuster, Because You Are Mine. The story revolves around two compelling characters: the fierce and enigmatic Ian, described as a dark and dominant hero, and the intriguing Francesca, a woman willing to go to great lengths for love.

From the moment they were introduced in the original bestseller, Ian and Francesca’s chemistry was off the charts. Their passionate romance defied convention and left readers craving for more. In Because We Belong, the pair reunites, ready to explore the explosive desires that bind them. Together, they confront the deep, hidden secrets that threatened to tear them apart.

As the story unfolds, we learn that Ian carries a haunting past, a enigma that has consumed him. This paranormal darkness draws Francesca in, captivating her with forbidden longing. Now, both characters must embrace vulnerability and surrender themselves completely to their desires.

Fans of Beth Kery’s addictive and delicious writing style will once again find themselves pulled into a web of erotic intrigue. In Because We Belong, Kery expertly weaves together a tapestry of passion, tension, and emotional depth. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of sensuality that will leave you breathless.

If you are ready to be spellbound by compelling characters, steamy encounters, and a gripping storyline, Because We Belong is the book for you. Prepare to lose yourself in the world of Ian and Francesca as they explore the boundaries of love and desire.

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