Becoming A Good Creature by Sy Montgomery

Becoming A Good Creature by Sy Montgomery

In this New York Times Bestselling book, discover that school isn’t the only place to find a teacher. This stunning picture book explores the unexpected lessons that animals can teach us about friendship, compassion, and how to live a more fulfilling life on this planet.

Sy Montgomery, a beloved and bestselling author, has had a multitude of teachers in her life. These teachers come in all shapes, sizes, and species – some have two legs, others have four or even eight. Some are covered in fur, feathers, or have hooves. But despite their differences, they all share one common trait – they have a valuable lesson to teach us.

Through her encounters with various animals during her travels around the world, Sy has learned invaluable lessons about patience, forgiveness, and the importance of respecting others. Gorillas, dogs, octopuses, tigers, and countless other creatures have shown her that empathy and joy have no limits if we take the time to connect with one another.

This captivating and insightful guide, based on Sy Montgomery’s bestselling adult memoir, is perfect for readers of all ages who aspire to become better individuals in today’s world. So go ahead, share these lessons with others. This book makes a wonderful gift for birthdays, graduations, animal lovers, or even for your favorite teacher.

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Teachers of the Animal Kingdom: Becoming a Good Creature

This article is about the lessons I’ve learned from animals throughout my life and how they have shaped me into a better person. As a young girl, I had a strong desire not only to have a pet dog, but to become a dog myself. I longed to possess their incredible abilities to run swiftly, see in the dark, and uncover the secrets hidden in the woods through their keen sense of smell.

My first dog, Molly, taught me a valuable lesson – that teachers can be found in various forms. Some have two legs, some have four, and others have even more. I realized that the world is full of creatures that can teach us important lessons, both in the wild and the domesticated realm. For instance, during my time in Australia, emus taught me valuable lessons, while swimming with piranhas and electric eels in South America exposed me to new perspectives. I also learned essential life lessons from gorillas during my time in Africa.

School is not the sole source of knowledge and wisdom. Sometimes, our greatest teachers are right in front of us, waiting to guide us through the highs and lows of life. Each of these teachers, whether animal or human, taught me something essential about how to navigate the world as a compassionate and responsible individual.

Writing this article, “Becoming a Good Creature,” serves as my way of expressing gratitude to all the creatures that have played a role in my journey. I am thankful to both wild and domesticated animals, those with names and those without, for revealing a world that is filled with surprises, vibrancy, and a beauty far beyond my wildest imagination.

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