Before The Devil Knows You ‘ Re Here by Autumn Krause

Before The Devil Knows You ' Re Here by Autumn Krause

Prepare to be captivated by a captivating blend of dark gothic fantasy and mesmerizing Latin American surrealism. Before the Devil Knows You’re Here is a haunting tale that will leave a lasting impression on your senses.

Set in 1836 in the wilderness of Wisconsin, Catalina, a determined young girl, lives with her father and brother in a rundown cabin. Struggling to survive the brutal winters, Catalina’s poet’s soul is replaced by an indomitable will to keep her family alive.

Tragedy strikes when her father falls victim to a sudden illness. In the midst of her grief, a mysterious figure emerges – a man adorned with bark, leaves sprouting from his head, and sap dripping from his eyes. He snatches Catalina’s brother and vanishes, leaving behind a magnificent bird with crimson wings.

Catalina refuses to let this enigmatic man – if he can be called a man at all – take her brother away. Armed with her father’s knife, she embarks on a perilous journey, following the bird’s lead. Along the way, she crosses paths with a young lumberjack who shares her desire to hunt down the Man of Sap, but for his own reasons.

As they delve deeper into the woods, Catalina and her companion encounter bizarre creatures and tortured spirits. With each revelation about the Man of Sap, they discover the ancient curse that binds Catalina’s destiny to his. It becomes apparent that their fates were entwined long ago, woven from seeds tainted by malevolence.

Before the Devil Knows You’re Here masterfully weaves together elements of American tall tales and the Faustian tradition, placing a strong Mexican American poet at the center of a gripping quest to rescue her brother. Autumn Krause’s enchantingly vivid prose and evocative symbolism will undoubtedly captivate fans of Maggie Stiefvater and Erin Craig.

Prepare to be immersed in a world where reality intertwines with the supernatural, and where the boundaries of what is possible are stretched to their limits. Before the Devil Knows You’re Here is a literary feast that will leave you craving more.

October Anticipated Releases | TBR

Welcome to the October Anticipated Reads!

October is not only a month of anticipated reads but also the time when we see a surge of atmospheric, spooky, gothic books hitting the shelves. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most awaited books of the month, covering a range of genres from historical fiction to romance to horror.

October 3rd:

We start our list with “The Other Princess: A Novel of Queen Victoria’s Goddaughter” by Denny S. Bryce. This historical fiction explores the life of Sarah Forbes Bonita, a kidnapped African princess who became Queen Victoria’s goddaughter. It’s perfect for fans of historical fiction with a focus on real historical figures.

Next up is “The Forest Demands: A Dark Academia Horror” by Kostya Jackson. This is a thrilling story set in an elite remote boarding school, where a student is murdered and our protagonist uncovers a centuries-old horror in the forest surrounding the school.

We also have “Curious Tides” by Pascal LaSalle, a book about a young mage with mediocre healing abilities who suddenly develops mysterious powers after a tragic accident. This book promises a dense, darkly magical world.

“Bright Young Women” by Jessica Noel is a reimagining of the women in a sorority targeted by Ted Bundy. It explores the ethics of true crime storytelling and the lives of the women associated with these infamous crimes.

In “Midnight Is the Darkest Hour” by Ashley Winstead, the protagonist, Ruth, navigates a religious community in Louisiana that fears mythical creatures and is haunted by legends. When a skull is found in the swamp, Ruth embarks on a journey to uncover the true evil in her community.

October 10th:

On October 10th, we have “Wildfire” by Hannah Grace, a romantic comedy about a celebrity bad boy and his co-star who fake a PR romance and end up falling for each other.

Another notable release is “Opinions: A Decade of Arguments, Criticism, and Minding Other People’s Business” by Roxane Gay. This essay collection by the acclaimed author explores a wide range of topics and promises to be a thought-provoking and insightful read.

October 17th:

One of the standout releases on October 17th is “The Glutton” by AK Blakemore, a dark historical fiction set during the French Revolution. It explores the concept of gluttony and the extremes of wealth and privilege.

October 24th:

A highly anticipated release on October 24th is “The Night Hunt” by Ashley Herring Blake, a dark and complex young adult novel with supernatural elements. It follows a monster who feeds on fear and must team up with a Herald to defeat the old gods.

October 31st:

Our final book is “Edith Holler” by Edward Carey, a twisted and weird historical fiction set in a playhouse. It follows a girl named Edith who must protect her playhouse after her father announces his engagement to the heir of the spread’s fortune.

These are just a few of the many exciting books releasing in October. Whether you’re in the mood for historical fiction, romance, horror, or something in between, there’s bound to be a book on this list that catches your interest. Happy reading!

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