Beg : A Radical New Way Of Regarding Animals by Rory Freedman

Beg : A Radical New Way Of Regarding Animals by Rory Freedman

Rory Freedman, the co-author of the bestselling book Skinny Bitch, has released a new book that is a rallying call to animal lovers everywhere. While many of us claim to be animal lovers and adore our pets, Freedman argues that we have the potential to use that love to make a difference for all animals. The book, titled Beg, is not only a passionate plea on behalf of animals but also a source of inspiration and empowerment, guiding readers on how they can contribute to helping animals.

In Beg, Freedman adopts the same straightforward and no-nonsense approach that made Skinny Bitch such a phenomenal success, captivating millions of readers. The book aims to ignite a sense of urgency within us, urging us to alter our choices and behaviors, and to embrace a completely new and radical way of loving animals.

Begg: Changing Lives for Animals

I wrote Skinny seven or eight years ago and since then, due to its success, I have received opportunities to write other books. However, I was not interested in simply earning a paycheck. I knew that if I were to write another book, it had to be something meaningful that came from my heart. I am pleased to say that this book truly emanates from my heart. I possess a deep love for animals; I find them funny, cute, beautiful, adorable, interesting, and miraculous. Often, however, we limit our love for animals to those we live with. We call ourselves animal lovers, but our love tends to be selective. We have the potential to utilize this love as a force to benefit all animals. There are numerous daily habits that impact their well-being. Begg serves as an empowering guide to help us transform our lives and create a better world for animals.

For me, this book is a celebration of animals. It is a call to action. If you genuinely love animals, then take action to improve their lives. It is insufficient to simply stay at home, hug your cat, and be a good pet owner. Fans of Skinny will feel familiar with the values expressed in this book. However, there is also something unique here that expands its appeal. I wrote this book because when I discovered what it truly means to be an animal lover, my life underwent a profound transformation. I experienced a radical shift in my perception of animals, and I hope to inspire that same shift in my readers. I am immensely proud of this book and thrilled to share it with the world, and especially with my fellow animal lovers. I do more than talk the talk; I walk the walk. Every action I take aligns with who I am as an advocate for animals. I am an animal lover, and my way of life truly reflects that.

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