Beginning Band Fun Book (Trumpet): For Elementary Students by Larry E Newman

Beginning Band Fun Book (Trumpet): For Elementary Students by Larry E Newman

The Beginning Band Fun Book is specifically tailored for young students in elementary school and was written by elementary band instructors. This well-regarded band method provides a range of benefits including:

  • Extra-large notation to aid legibility
  • Letter names inside the note heads for easy identification
  • Simplified arrangements
  • Clear and uncomplicated diagrams and charts
  • Limited material per page for digestible learning
  • Easy-to-read instructions and sheet music
  • Child-centered illustrations to engage young learners
  • Large selection of classic and time-tested songs
  • Online audio and video resources to supplement learning

This comprehensive book covers essential music fundamentals, which include:

  • Learning how to read notes
  • Understanding basic rhythms
  • Developing proper technique
  • Exploring melody and harmony
  • Learning music theory fundamentals
  • Fostering creativity and expression
  • Developing music appreciation skills

The free online audio and video resources enhance learning through:

  • Professionally sequenced play-along mp3 tracks
  • Professionally produced play-along videos
  • Live playing demonstrations of every song in the book
  • Engaging graphics and animation designed to capture a young student’s attention

The author, Larry Newman, is a highly regarded music educator and the founder of Children’s Music Workshop and Music Fun Books. With over 275 books and arrangements to his name, Newman has composed numerous pieces for various instruments, including band and orchestra pieces for elementary and middle school ensembles.

Discover Larry Newman’s Innovative and Engaging Music Fun Books

Our curriculum is designed to align with the latest academic research on how students learn. Authored by Larry Newman, this innovative program utilizes a sequential spiral approach in its band and orchestra method books. These books have gained national recognition and are currently being used in numerous schools across the country.

At the heart of our music program is a curriculum that progresses from one year to the next, continuously challenging students of different levels, abilities, and grades. In order to cater to the diverse needs of our students, we employ a wide array of unique teaching strategies.

Specifically tailored for elementary-age students, our custom-designed method books incorporate a range of exceptional teaching techniques. These include oversized notation, letters inside the note heads, limited material per page, and an attractive layout featuring engaging graphics and designs.

Our program also embraces online learning opportunities. Through our webpage, students have access to internet-based resources such as MP3 accompaniments, online music downloads, and interactive music software.

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