Being Ram Dass by Ram Dass and Rameshwar Das

Being Ram Dass by Ram Dass and Rameshwar Das

Ram Dass lived a rich and fulfilling life, leaving behind a profound statement that is both enlightening and comprehensive, according to Kirkus Reviews. His impact as a spiritual teacher in the West is incomparable, with countless individuals embracing his teachings and practices such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and even exploring psychedelic substances. For those who have ever volunteered in hospices, prisons, or homeless centers, his story is intertwined with theirs.

From his birth in 1931 to his later years filled with radiance, Ram Dass viewed his existence as just one chapter in a series of incarnations. In this memoir, readers are invited to join him on his journey as a former Harvard psychologist and a daring individual who constantly pushed the boundaries of his inner and outer world—often taking his friends on exhilarating rides on his Harley. The book delves into his struggles with self-identity, sexuality, groundbreaking psychedelic research, and his profound encounter with his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, during a voyage to India in 1967. This meeting transformed his perception of spirituality and psychology, impacting the lives of millions.

With 64 pages of captivating color photographs, this intimate memoir serves as a testament to Ram Dass’s incredible personal and spiritual growth that still resonates today. It takes readers on a transformative journey from the realm of the mind to the realm of the heart and from the ego to the soul. Throughout the narrative, readers will encounter numerous revelations and adventures, each reflecting the potential to awaken the universal, loving divinity that connects us to this beloved teacher and to each other.

From Power to Love: The Evolution of Ram Dass

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This book holds great significance for both Rameshwar Das and Robbie Stein. It delves into the life of Ram Dass and his journey from a Jewish boy in Massachusetts to becoming a profound spiritual teacher. Through various spiritual practices like psychedelics, meditation, and devotion, Ram Dass learned to listen differently and developed a unique way of working with individuals one-on-one. His approach involved deep compassion, patience, and a sense of humor.

Despite starting in psychology, Ram Dass’s true journey began when he met Maharaji in India. It was through this encounter that he experienced a profound shift in perspective. He realized that the external guru mirrored the deepest place within himself. This newfound understanding shaped his entire life and teachings.

Ram Dass’s life was not without challenges. He faced a spiritual crisis after suffering a stroke, which led to a loss of faith in the guru. However, through this crisis, he discovered a new entry point to meditation, one that transcended the mind and conceptualizations. This shift allowed him to focus on the power of love rather than the pursuit of power itself.

The book also touches upon the impermanence of life and the concept of the soul. Ram Dass’s experiences with Maharaji and his own personal journey allowed him to see beyond the ego and recognize that we are not our thoughts. He learned to embrace the present moment and explore the deeper consciousness that lies within.

In the end, Ram Dass’s story and teachings remind us of the continuous evolution of consciousness. While psychedelics played a role in his initial journey, the true transformation came from his dedication to spiritual practices, deep compassion, and the power of love.

Although Ram Dass has passed away, his presence and teachings continue to resonate. His message of love and compassion still lingers, reminding us to be present, let go of attachments, and embrace the interconnectedness of all beings.+

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