Bert And I : The Book by Robert Bryan and Marshall Dodge

Bert And I : The Book by Robert Bryan and Marshall Dodge

A treasure trove of beloved Down East tales is now available in written form. This compilation showcases the timeless stories originally recounted by the legendary duo of Marshall Dodge and Robert Bryan, better known as Bert and I. For decades, Dodge entertained audiences with his humorous recordings, both under the Bert and I moniker and as himself. He even graced the small screen with a popular regional television series that captivated viewers on public television during the early 1970s.

Adventures Along the Down East Coastline: Bert & I’s Wild Ride on the Blue Bird

Burt and I set off on the Blue Bird early in the morning. Burt went to get the necessary items while I prepared the boat. It was a cold morning, so I adjusted the settings and started the engine. The boat made a joyful noise as it glided through the water. We ventured further into the harbor until we encountered a thick fog. Unable to see each other, we decided to turn off the engine and listen for any nearby sounds. Suddenly, we heard the sound of a ship approaching. We tried to alert them by honking the horn, but it was too late. The other ship collided with ours, causing the water to rise. We decided to swim for safety and luckily found a buoy to rest on. Eventually, a fishing smack picked us up and brought us back to shore in Maine.

Kenneth Fowler had a string of bad luck. His crops were constantly destroyed, his ice house was infested with termites, and he even fell into a well. Frustrated with his situation, he decided to go hunting for food. However, he ended up accidentally shooting two foxes and getting knocked into a stream. He emerged from the water with an otter’s head in one hand and a beaver’s tail in the other. Despite his misfortune, he managed to stock up on food for the winter.

Camden Pissed had never left his state before winning a trip to New York City. It was a life-changing experience for someone who had only been to Bangor once. When he returned, he received a warm welcome from his town and was asked about his experience. However, he was so overwhelmed by the commotion that he wasn’t able to truly see the village. Sometimes, the excitement can distract us from the simple joys in life.

Howard Perkins and I won a raffle to ride on a hot air balloon during a fair. The balloon took us over the ocean and the wind eventually carried us back to land. As we descended to check our location, I shouted to see where we were going to land. My aunt has a cottage in East Vassalboro, so I was curious if we were heading in that direction. It was a thrilling experience to fly in the balloon and see the world from above.

One summer day, I heard a fancy sports car approaching. The driver seemed lost and asked for directions. I tried to explain the route, but it became clear that the driver was unfamiliar with the area. Despite their efforts, it seemed impossible for them to reach their desired destination from where they were. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can’t reach our intended goal due to unforeseen circumstances.

Tom was distraught because he had to shoot his dog. When asked if the dog was mad, Tom simply replied that the dog wasn’t pleased. It’s unfortunate when we have to make difficult decisions for the safety and well-being of ourselves and others.

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