Best American Short Stories 2011 (2011) by Heidi Pitlor

Best American Short Stories 2011 (2011) by Heidi Pitlor

The Best American Series(R) is the ultimate annual collection showcasing the finest short fiction and nonfiction in the United States. Each volume is carefully curated by the series editor, who scours hundreds of magazines, journals, and websites to handpick the most exceptional works. To add an extra layer of expertise, a distinguished guest editor, who is a leading writer in the field, further refines the selection to include only the twenty or so pieces that truly stand out. This innovative approach has propelled the Best American series to unparalleled levels of both respect and popularity.

The Best American Short Stories 2011 proudly features a remarkable lineup of authors, including Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Megan Mayhew Bergman, Jennifer Egan, Nathan Englander, Allegra Goodman, Ehud Havazelet, Rebecca Makkai, Steven Millhauser, George Saunders, Mark Slouka, and many others.

Josh’s Book Haul: Second Visit to Hooked on Books

This article is about a book haul and the author’s visit to a bookstore called Hooked on Books. The author visited the store for the second time and found out that it was closed for the summer, with plans to reopen in May next year. The store had a closing sale, with discounts on book purchases. The author bought a total of 22 books, including puzzles, trivia books, novels, memoirs, plays, and short stories. The author is excited to read these books and share them with their audience. The article concludes by encouraging readers to visit Hooked on Books if they are in the area.

Book Haul at Hooked on Books

Josh from Literary Buddy Anderson recently had an exciting book haul from a visit to Hooked on Books in Wildwood, New Jersey. This was Josh’s second visit to the bookstore, and they were impressed enough to go back for more.

However, Josh discovered that the store was closed for the summer season. The closure was temporary, as Hooked on Books plans to reopen in May for the next summer. Nevertheless, the store was having a closing sale, giving customers the opportunity to purchase books at discounted prices.

Josh took advantage of the closing sale and bought a total of 22 books. The haul included a variety of categories, such as puzzles, trivia books, novels, memoirs, plays, and short stories.

Highlights from the Book Haul

Among the first books in the haul was “The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Puzzles” by the Diagram Room. Josh, being a fan of logic puzzles, found this book particularly intriguing with its challenging puzzles and brain teasers.

Josh also added two James Michener books to their collection – “The Drifters” and “Rascals in Paradise.” These novels explore different aspects of American culture, from the hippie movement to South Seas adventures.

The author’s collection of Robert McCammon books grew with the addition of “The Five,” a horror novel about a band’s eerie encounter during a tour. Josh was especially excited about this one, as the owner of Hooked on Books highly recommended it.

Richard Adams’ lesser-known book, “The Plague Dogs,” intrigued Josh, as it was recommended by their mother and promised to be thought-provoking like Adams’ renowned work, “Watership Down.”

Josh also couldn’t resist adding two books by Orhan Pamuk – “The New Life” and “Istanbul.” While “Istanbul” delves into the author’s experiences in the city, “The New Life” is a work of rock fiction.

In addition to these novels, Josh is excited to share more plays and short stories on their channel. The collection includes Neil Simon’s plays, an anthology of Scandinavian plays, an absurdist play collection featuring Eugene Ionesco, and a contemporary plays collection by women.

Lastly, Josh added to their short story collection with books by Erwin Shaw, Russian women authors, and anthologies of modern European and American short stories.

The 22-book haul from Hooked on Books has given Josh plenty of exciting content to share on their literary channel. The diverse selection of books, ranging from puzzles to plays, will provide their audience with new and interesting reading recommendations.

Josh encourages anyone visiting Wildwood or the surrounding area between May and September to check out Hooked on Books. The store offers a wide range of books and is sure to satisfy any book lover’s cravings. Happy reading!

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