Best American Sports Writing 2019 by Glenn Stout

Best American Sports Writing 2019 by Glenn Stout

The Best American Sports Writing series is back with its latest addition, showcasing the finest sports journalism from the past year. Building on its twenty-five-year legacy, this collection has established itself as a trusted platform for highlighting the best writing in sports from a variety of sources.

Year after year, the series editor and guest editor carefully select the most exceptional pieces, sourced from a wide range of national, regional, and specialty print and digital publications. What these diverse styles, voices, and stories have in common is the undeniable quality of writing and the sheer passion that emerges through the lens of sports.

Motherhood Unveiled: The Shocking Truth Behind a Mom’s Chronic Fatigue

Imagine feeling exhausted every morning, despite getting seemingly adequate sleep. This was the reality for Melanie Darnell, a vegan fitness guru and mother of three. On the surface, she appeared to have it all together, but little did anyone know what she was truly going through.

It all started ten months ago when strange noises began emanating from her house. Melanie brushed them off as the creaking of the old wooden house, but they only grew louder and more persistent. Even worse, she often woke up feeling completely drained, as if something was disrupting her sleep.

With her husband away on a business trip, Melanie felt even more vulnerable. He suggested setting up a night vision camera to see what was really going on. As fearful as she was, she couldn’t ignore the possibility that something truly strange was happening.

The thought of classic horror movie scenarios crossed Melanie’s mind. Would she come face to face with someone like Freddy Krueger in the dead of night? However, she pushed aside these fears and swiftly set up the camera in her bedroom.

Melanie had been sleeping on the couch, as she found solace in the presence of her children. However, this change in routine didn’t alleviate her fatigue. In fact, she once had a fleeting memory of waking up to the sensation of someone breathing on her face. Little did she know at the time that this moment would become crucial in uncovering the truth.

Desperate to find answers, Melanie hurried to the nearest electronics store to purchase a video camera. She couldn’t bear another sleepless night without knowing the cause of her exhaustion. With a pounding heart, she prepared herself to watch the footage the next morning.

The video started innocently, showing Melanie tucking her children into bed. She watched herself settle into bed, hoping for a peaceful night’s sleep. But then, her heart skipped a beat.

On the screen, a small figure sneaked into the room and silently climbed into her bed. Two more shadows followed, peering over her. Melanie couldn’t believe her eyes. She had been completely unaware of these intruders while she slept soundly.

As the footage played on, Melanie saw her bed transform into a lively party scene after she put her kids to bed. This happened multiple times throughout the night, without her waking up to the commotion.

But then, amidst the chaos, something remarkable happened. Her dog entered the room and jumped onto the bed, licking and sniffing her face. Despite appearing to be asleep, Melanie displayed actions of consciousness, cuddling her toddler and even moving her hair away when it was pulled.

Shocked by the discovery, Melanie decided to share the footage on her blog. She wanted to shed light on the hidden aspects of motherhood—the late-night struggles and the constant demands. She wanted others to realize that parenting doesn’t end when the sun goes down, and to find solace in the shared experiences of mothers around the world.

Melanie’s story serves as a reminder that motherhood can be tough, and outsiders rarely see the full picture. It’s important to offer support and understanding to mothers who are navigating the challenges of parenthood, even in the darkest hours of the night. Despite the hardships, Melanie wouldn’t trade her role as a mother for anything.

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