Best Joke Book (Period): Hundreds Of The Funniest, Silliest, Most Ridiculous Jokes Ever by William Donohue

Best Joke Book (Period): Hundreds Of The Funniest, Silliest, Most Ridiculous Jokes Ever by William Donohue

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Eliminating Clutter & Testing Commitment: Start Your Day Off Right Series

Hello everyone, this is Dave Cantrell with Meridianville Holiness Church. Today, I want to share a thought-provoking story that will inspire you to start your day off right. It’s about eliminating clutter, both physical and spiritual, in order to find true peace and commitment.

The Eagle Test: A Lesson in Commitment

Imagine a female eagle searching for a partner. When she meets a male eagle, she takes him to the ground and picks up a twig. As she flies back into the air, the male chases after the falling twig. He must catch it before it reaches the ground. Once he does, he brings it back to the female.

The female then flies to a higher altitude and drops the twig again. This process repeats with each drop, increasing in height. The female eagle continues this test until she is confident that the male has mastered the art of catching the twig. This simple act of catching a falling twig demonstrates commitment.

In our personal or business lives, it’s important to test the commitment of those we consider partnering with. Just as the female eagle tests the male’s commitment, we too can evaluate the dedication and reliability of those around us.

Follow Peace and Holiness

There is a scripture that perfectly encapsulates this concept. Hebrews 12:14 states, “Follow peace with all men and holiness, without which no one shall see the Lord.” It reminds us to seek peace and live a life of holiness in order to truly experience spiritual fulfillment.

Humor and Different Perspectives

Now, let’s take a lighter look at different perspectives. We all know that people have different beliefs and interpretations of the world. A little girl once asked her mother and father how humans came into existence.

The mother explained that God created Adam and Eve, who then had children, leading to the creation of mankind. However, when the little girl asked her father the same question, he explained the theory of human evolution from monkeys.

The confused little girl returned to her mother and questioned the conflicting information. Her mother replied, “Well, I was talking about our family’s beliefs, and your father was sharing his family’s perspective.”

Supplementing Your Spiritual Journey

As we wrap up, I’d like to emphasize that I’m not here to replace your minister or church attendance. My purpose is to supplement your spiritual journey. If you have any inspiring quotes, stories, scriptures, or clean jokes, please feel free to share them with me at 256-508-4410.

Until next time, may God richly bless you on your path to peace and commitment.

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